Yes To…. Cucumbers Body Wash

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash

Cucumber is an ingredient that is synonymous with natural and gentle products, but there are some really horrible smelling cucumber products on the market.  You know the ones I mean.  Yes To Cucumbers body wash really smells like cucumber – like you cut one open or like a cucumber heavy green smoothie.  It is a very gentle and unisex fragrance.  The Yes To range have a great ethos for providing paraben

This is a sulphate free body wash and as a result it is really gentle on the skin which is what I need as my skin is super dry.  It means that if you don’t get your body oil on within twenty minutes of the shower, your skin is not screaming at you.

Yes to Cucumbers Body Wash

Five hundred millilitres is mahooosive so this makes a great family size.  My  issue with this product is the packaging.  To get the product out, you have to press down a small flip lid.  In principle that is fine… BUT…the tube is about twenty centimetres tall and five and a half centimetres in diameter.  When it is full / new, this is quite unwieldy in the shower.  I though that it might have been just me so I took it on a little road show.  I got a couple of people in their late seventies to try it.  Neither of them have arthritis in their hands but they both felt that he bottle was unwieldy too… so I went to the other end of the spectrum and got a friends daughter who is eight to test it test it… and she felt that it would have been better with a pump. I have to say that I agree.

Yes to Cucumbers Body Wash

The problem is that you don’t just hold it upside down to get the shower gel you – have to squeeze it as well, and when you are in the shower you have wet hands and if you use  hot water, it is a bit steamy in there and you cant really see what you are doing as you might have wet hair and with this delivery system you kind of have to think about it too much.

Yes To Cucumbers Body Wash

Although the top is flat you cant store it upside down because you still have to squeeze the product out.  My solution has been to dispense the product into a smaller bottle that has a pump so that I can use it more easily. I have used other five hundred millilitre body washes with no problem, because they had pumps.  This small change to the packaging would make such an improvement to the whole showering experience.

The Yes To range is available from Boots and selected outlets for £8.00

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