#foodie: Perkier Cereals

Perkier Cereals

Perkier CerealsPerkier is a relatively new brand – it has been around since 2012 and like many great brands, it was born out of gap in the market seen by one of  partners.  The aim is to bring affordable and nutritious gluten free products to the market and I think that they have been successful.  I do not follow a gluten free diet but the products are as tasty as the gluten version. I have been enjoying the breakfast cereals from the range for the past couple of weeks.

 Red Berry Flakes

Perkier Red Berry Flakes

The red berry flakes is like a cornflake with freeze dried red berries.  If like the mister you like to have your cereal hot, this product is not for you.  Two minutes in the microwave and the flakes which are made from buckwheat do not respond well.  With cold milk however, it is a whole other story,  You get the crunch that you are accustomed to with a savoury but not salty bite.  The mister added honey to his  – but despite my very sweet tooth, I did not feel the need to sweeten mine.  It was also great with natural yoghurt and a few blueberries added.

Perkier Red Berry Flakes


Perkier apple and cinammon


Perkier gingerbread porridge


I love me some porridge and had the opportunity to try two flavours.  The Apple and Cinnamon was a good as I had hoped.  Sweet from the apple with the warmth from the cinnamon, not overly spiced and true flavours.

Perkier Apple and Cinammon

Perkier Apple and Cinammon - with milk

The gingerbread was not to my taste.  There were large pieces of gingerbread in the product and the oats were flavoured with dried ginger.  I was not a fan of the pieces of gingerbread – I felt that they were too large compared to the size of the oats and to my palette there was too much ginger.

Perkier Gingerbread porridge

Perkir cooked gingerbread porridge

If you like your porridge with a looser texture you will need to add more milk then prescribed but I found that when I followed the instructions, I got the stodgy porridge that I liked, it was sweet enough for my palette no need for additional sweetener.  If you follow a gluten free regime for medical reasons or for fashion these  are a great option.  They also come in a handy single serving pot which are great for breakfast in the office.

Perkier are available from their website www. perkier.co.uk and Sainsburys and Wholefoods. Cereals start from£3.00 per box.



PR Sample

  • Looks lovely, like the idea but seems a little low on the fruit that always frustrates me with these types of cereals. Then again I guess its hard striking a balance for varying tastes.

    • Jo

      Hi Maria

      I am with you – I like lots of fruit in my cereal. The apple porridge was a good blend, the gingerbread porridge had large raisins, but a few more would have been good. The flakes, I treated like cornflakes so I did my usual yoghurt and berries mix. The range is definitely worth investigating.




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