The Mister Recommends: Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment

LUSH Superbalm

After more then two years of blogging the mister has  got genuinely excited by a product.  He likes fragrance but hard working skincare up to now has never really been his bag!!

‘Where’s that stuff you gave me for my scalp it was good’

LUSH Superbalm

From him this is high praise indeed.  It now lives on his side of the bathroom as to be honest, I liked it but it did not wow me. That is probably because I suffer from itchy rather then flaky scalp.  Since he is so enamoured by this product, I really felt it was worthy of a review.

The mister  keeps his hair very very low and after shaving his head his scalp is always left a bit dry and flaky.  Superbalm Scalp Treatment has been designed to lift dead skin cells of the scalp. Coconut oil is blended with salicylic acid – a product increasingly found in skincare.  Fruit acids are great for exfoliating the skin and the same is true for the scalp.  The balm is a soft blue-green colour due to the chamomile roman (anti inflammatory and soothing) in it.  It has a texture that would not be fair to describe as gritty but it is not the smoothest texture.  As well as the coconut oil base, but it also has rose wax, lavender oil.  The coconut oil kind of fights with the fragrance of the lavender and rose and the chamomile does not help the fragrance either.  The smell and the texture are not the point however – it does what it says on the tin for the mister and he uses it very regularly.

LUSH Superbalm with lid

After shaving his head the mister rubs this product into his scalp, leaves it on for about 20 minutes and shampoos it off. It does not irritate the skin – it is easy to use and the effect is immediate.  I make encourage him to apply some oil or Lush Ultrabalm to his scalp and off he goes away happy with a flake free scalp.  A definite thumbs up from the mister.


Superbalm is available from LUSH Stores and retails for £12.00


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