Batting My Lashes: Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara

I was digging in my make up stash and I found this mascara, I was trying to figure out why I bought it  I am a fan of lengthening mascaras because my lashes are short and straight.  This mascara has ‘thick’ and ‘volume’ written all over the black tube in large pink writing.  Nothing about length.  That said, there are many occasions where the description that a cosmetics company places on a product is not a true reflection of the product and I had not tried many Soap and Glory Cosmetics before so I decided to give it a try.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fas


The packaging is quite simplistic – black with the Soap and Glory Pink.   The brush slides out of the tube with a satisfying pop revealing a large brush with a tapered end.  The large wand means that you can cover the lashes in mascara quickly (hence the fast in the name of the product) but it also means that if  your head is not held at the right angle you can get mascara over your perfectly applied eyeshadow (top tip – look down not up when applying the mascara).  The tapered end means that you can steal the Benefit They’re Real Mascara tip and use it vertically on the shorter inner lashes.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fas

The formula is black, but not the blackest black and not very glossy either.  It dries quite quickly  and leaves the lashes with a small amount of curl and some flexibility to the touch.  I find that two coats of this mascara does not leave my lashes touching the lenses of my glasses so it does not provide enough length for my preference although it definitely increases the volume.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast

This product does what is says it will do, provides volume… I would not go as far as to say ‘super’ volume, and it provides it quickly.  For me to get the effect that I want, I use it as my first coat and then add a lengthening mascara.  If you have luscious long lashes, this is probably a good option for you but if like me, long eyelashes are your ultimate goal, I would give this one a miss.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast



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