#cleanseaholic: Sunday Riley – Ceramic Slip Cleanser

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip

Sunday Riley Modern Skincare was first launched in 2009 and over the past two years or so has caused a huge buzz in the UK where it has been lauded for its ability to make a real difference to the skin by using botanicals and biotechnology.  As with may skincare ranges, I decided to jump into the range via the cleanser first.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip

There are two cleansers in the range. Charisma Creme Cleanser is for normal to dry skins but I chose Ceramic Slip for my combination skin.  The packaging is a satisfying robust packaging that does not crack or deform when it is squeezed.  The pump has one of the most effective ‘open’ and ‘closed’ mechanisms that I have come across on a cleanser.  It really works.  I have travelled with this cleanser and not had to wrap it in a plastic bag and seal it with sellotape.  It did not leak at all.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip

Ceramic Slip is a foaming cleanser that contains green clay.  Cult Beauty state that refined French Clary is ‘uber-expensive’.  I have to say I think that this is a bit of marketing gumph.  Clay is generally not an expensive ingredient and of course there are different grades of it but ‘uber expensive’ is in my opinion a stretch.  This is my first experience of a cleanser with clay in it although there are several on the market (eg REN, First Aid Beauty).

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip

Ceramic Slip foams without using sodium lauryl sulphate (it uses coconut based surfactants) so I do not find it drying on my skin.  Having clay in the cleanser is like doing a mini clay mask every morning so it draws out the toxins and minimises the appearance of pores.  The other active is a Vitamin C derivative (antioxidant) and Black Pepper (cellular stimulation), Jasmine Frankincense and Sandalwood (sebum regulation) essential oils.  The product has a very subtle slightly herbal fragrance.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip

You shake the bottle before pumping out the product which is a light green and runny in texture.  Add a bit of water and cleanse the face.  It is not a Fairy Liquid-esque foam that you get , but a light foam with small bubbles.  You are advised to rinse it off but of course I use a warm flannel.  I have been using it as the last stage in my evening cleanser or as a morning cleanser.  When I have breakouts I did not feel that helped to balance my sebum product and when my skin was clear I felt that my skin was maintained not improved.  I was expecting a miraculous effect on my skin so I was disappointed when I did not get it. Don’t get me wrong – this is a good cleanser, but on my skin, it was not amazing.  I really expected to love this product but I just like it.  My skin loves oil and balm cleansers and I am wondering whether my skin would prefer Charisma Cleanse?

  • Wonderlusting

    Cleansaholics Unite! Have been pondering clay cleansers recently but I have a hunch my dry skin wouldn’t like (even though I’ve seen some that are specifically for dry skin)….

    • Hi Lynda

      I think that sticking to a clay mask is probably the way to go on this one!




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