NYX Primers feat Shine Killer and Pore Filler

NYX Pore Filler and Shine Killer

NXY have ten primers in their range so I thought I should give the Shine Killer and Pore Filler a try.  My position on primers is wavering   Having been stongly anti primer, I am very slowly coming to see how this additional layer in my already busy make up routine could be beneficial,  NYX Pore Filler and Shine Killer

If you don’t use silicones in your products look away now.  Both the Shine Killer and Pore Filler are  dimethicone upon dimethicone .  Nyx say you can use these product over and / or under make up which I have found to be true for the Shine Killer but not the Pore Filler.

Shine Killer is a completely clear product.  The  silicone texture it does quite a good job at providing an even base for coverage.  I find that the texture that is kind of rubs away to nothing.  If you are looking for a product that is really tacky, something that your foundation is really going to stick to – Shine Killer is not it.   It leaves the skin matte but not dry and with a smooth texture but it is not really tacky.  The product is transparent so it works on all skin tone.Under makeup it is not my favourite primer – I don’t really think it does a good job or reducing oil.  Over make up it is pretty good.   It does mattify the skin but it is even better if you are able to add a slick of translucent powder over the top!

NYX Pore Filler and Shine Killer

Pore Filler is a peach toned dry textured product which leaves the skin very dry to the touch and has a slight white haze on my rich skintone.  My pores are not the most visible but I find that I have to use quite alot of product to get a truly poreless effect.  Tapping it into the skin rather than smearing it seems to be the best method of application.  Makeup tends to stay on the skin slightly longer with Pore Filler than Shine Killer but this product does not stop shine.

The 20ml size is perfect.  You really don’t need alot of product and they are the perfect handbag size if you are going to top up your makeup during the day.  Pore Filler and Shine Killer are not my holy grail primers, but they did make a difference to the longevity of my makeup.

NYX Pore Filler and Shine Killer

NYX is available from Selfridges and Boots and retail for eleven pounds each.

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