Glow On The Go With Becca Afterglow Palette

Becca Afterglow Palette

The Afterglow palette was part of my Beautylish Lucky Bag this year.  The palette is weighty and beautiful to look at.  The world is still crazy for rose gold and this palette is a beautiful tone.  It take a bit of getting into – a sturdy thumb nail is very helpful.  I have a pretty good collection of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors in liquid and cream but my favourite formula by far is the pressed.  These products are the stuff of YouTube hyperventilation and with good reason.   They provide a range of looks from gently highlighted to full on strobing.

Becca Afterglow Palette Available in a variety of colours, Becca was a hidden secret for many a bit of a cult brand. Then Jaclyn Hill happened, everyone and their dog sitter found out about the brand which had been struggling and closed all bricks and mortar outlets and became and online only outfit.  Then there was the debacle, and then now Becca have been purchased by Estee Lauder so it has been a tumultuous couple of years for the brand.  Why all the pre-amble? Because this palette may be one of the last purchases I make from the brand whilst they are still the brand as I know and love it.

Becca Afterglow Palette

The Shimmering Skin Perfectors

Moonstone, Rose Gold and Topaz are the pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors.  They are a light gold, pink gold and yellow gold tone. I own Moonstone in the cream formula and Rose Gold in the pressed so I am already familiar with them.  Moonstone can look ashy on my deep skin tone if i apply it with a heavy hand.

They are finely pressed and pack a glittery punch.  If you are looking for the wet look on the cheek use with a damp brush.  Alternatively use a gelee formula highlighter like the Laura Mercier illuminators or a cream formula. The formula is not gritty at all,  The small pans make you use a smaller brush which  don’t consider to be a bad thing and the trio of colours means you can pick and choose according to your mood.

Becca Afterglow Palette

The Mineral Blushes

I had such high hopes for these blushers but alas I was disappointed.  The Mineral Blush formula is beautiful.  There is microshimer in the formula but there is enough pigment to deliver opacity on the skin.  Lantana Nightingale or Hyacynth would be good shades for me.

Becca Afterglow Palette

Sadly, Wild Honey does not really show up on me.  It is the perfect brow bone shade for me.  It highlights the area without being shimmery.  Flowerchild is a pink with a generous helping of peach. I really have to build up if I want it to do anything for me and even then hit appears a bit chalky on my skin.  These for me are eye shadows which in fairness makes this palette more useful on the go.  Wild Honey becomes a neutral eye that I can apply anywhere from the brow bone to the lash line with a brush or my fingers for a no makeup make up look.  Flowerchild with a winged liner is the perfect complement to a purple lip.

Becca Afterglow Palette

Should You Get it?

The total amount of product in the palette is 7.4 grams.  A full sized blush is 5.6 grams and a full sized skin perfector is 8 grams.  The cost of the palette is $1.50 more than a full sized highlighter so it is pretty good value.  I have tried to find a UK stockist of the Afterglow  palette with no luck.  It was a holiday 2015 offering  and from my search of the internet it was not made permanent.   At the moment it is still available on Beautylish (who ship to the UK).  If you have a light to medium skintone and like the Becca formulas it gets a thumbs up. Otherwise, swatch the shades in store and buy the ones that suit you best.

Becca Afterglow Palette Swatches

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