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Novel Beauty founder Nneka Fleming

Novel Beauty

Last week I had the pleasure of immersing myself in Novel Beauty and their Library of Ingredients.  The pop up shop in Shorditch provided a beautiful introduction to the range and gave me the opportunity to meet brand founder Nneka Fleming.  As someone with very fond memories of my local library (no longer with us) the idea of a book which contains skincare appeals to me.  Taking the time when doing your daily ablutions to think about about yourself,  and to take a moment away from the daily madness that surrounds you is right up my street.  Much like picking up your favourite book is a grounding moment, utilising a beautiful skincare product can have the same effect.

Novel Beauty

Each skincare product is beautifully packaged in a book with a title that relates to a book or a poem and takes to you a moment of calm or inner reflection. The range naturally sits within the green beauty niche.  Library of Ingredients is not a preach-y green brand (Hurrah).  You don’t have to have a plant based diet to enjoy the products of the ethos.  This is luxury in both ingredients and aesthetic which you can dip into as you would your favourite book.  Novel Skincare is a brand that utilises efficacious, sustainably sourced ingredients.

The Products

Novel Beauty
Burn For Me Candle Duo

A duo of candles in a bespoke hand tooled ceramic ‘book’ called Burn For Me contains two chapters. La Vie en Rose and Precious Woods.

Novel Beauty: Burn for Me - La Vie En Rose

They are unisex in fragrance and aesthetic and eminently giftable.  La Vie En Rose is a subtle blend of Jasmacyclene (a jasmine odour derivative) grapefruit pink pepper and lime. I was hugely relived to find that there was no rose in the fragrance blend!  Precious Woods has patchouli, cinnamon and birch tar.  You can purchase each chapter individually or the whole book.

Novel Beauty

Travel Stories contains a salt scrub Imaginary Voyage fragranced with warming ginger and sweet tangerine oil.  The second chapter in the book is Irony and my pick from the Novel Beauty line.  A nourishing but light body butter made with shea butter avocado oil rosehip oil and sweet almond oil.

Novel Beauty

Poor Man’s Rose is a cleverly titled book that contains two products (chapters) based around geranium oil. Geranium is often referred to as poor mans rose and the day cream Platonic Dialogue and delicious Raw Cane Sugar Scrub Stream of Consciousness both feature this ingredient.

Novel Beauty

Each chapter is available to purchase individually so you can fill the book with your favourite products as you get more familiar with the range.  Novel Beauty is a lovely concept and unique in a saturated beauty market.  The products are beautiful and deserving of the time you are going to spend with them in the bathroom.

I managed to get Nneka to reveal some of the new products she has lined up for the brand. I don’t want to completely give the game away… but if you like to smell good; you are definitely going to love what is coming later in the year.

Novel Beauty founder Nneka Fleming
Novel Beauty Founder Nneka Fleming

Check out the Novel Beauty website to find out more about the range and to be kept informed of new products when they launch.

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