Time Bomb: Powerball

Time Bomb Powerball

Time Bomb Powerball

Time Bomb is a range that is developing rapidly and with the new products that the range is releasing there is lots of innovation.  Powerball is one of the  three moisturisers from the range.  Described as the ‘intensive’ moisturiser, Powerball promises to ‘defeat acute and chronic dehydration’.  That is no small claim but this is great moisturiser.

Lulu Power Ball (3)

In keeping with the rest of the moisturisers in the brand, Powerball is packaged in a round ball.  The texture reminds me a bit of Pro Collagen Marine cream (Elemis)  – it is light like a gel but as you massage it into the skin you feel the richness coming through (from the glycerin and shea butter).

Time Bomb Powerball

Powerball is an ingredient rich product and a combination of ingredients that are often found in skincare that has a much higher price point.  The Aqua Complex is a combination of lentil, watermelon and apple extracts.  The lentil extract has panthanoic acid (aka vitamin B5) which is a humectant and has anti inflammatory properties.  Watermelon is high in vitamin C and lycopene and apple is commonly used in anti ageing skincare over the last decade is rich in phytosterols which have an anti-inflammatory action on the skin.  Powerball also has hyluronic acid which is a proven skin hydrator and ectoin which has some research behind it to support it being useful in the prevention of UVA damage.

Time Bomb Powerball

As well as an array of interesting ingredients the application of this product is also new.  Current wisdom is that a cleanser and toner are followed by a facial oil or serum and the moisturiser is applied last.  Time Bomb instruct that Powerball is applied directly onto a cleansed skin prior to toner and serum.  I have to admit – I really struggled with this change in routine.  I live in London where the water very hard and I love my toner, the thought of applying it after my moisturiser seemed counter-intuitive but after posting on Instagram I got the following response from Time Bomb.

“In general Powerball should be the first product applied after cleansing and using one of the Complexion Cocktails (of course!). Powerball is all about reloading the skin with moisture/water and keeping it hydrated throughout the day. There are ingredients used in many skin care products, including serums, that surround water and help lock in moisture sometimes creating a barrier and therefore reducing Powerball’s effectiveness. Powerball will still be beneficial to skin but you are not getting the full moisturising effect. Look for silicones such as Cyclomethicone or Dimethicone or oils and if the product contains those ingredient it would be better to apply it after Powerball. Thanks!”

Time Bomb Powerball

So there you have it.  Time Bomb are trying to get Powerball on the skin before any occlusive products are applied which makes sense.  It is still difficult to change decades of skincare regime and in reality I used Powerball both ways. When I remembered it applied Powerball first but on other days I applied it last and I found that it worked both ways.  It  kept my skin hydrated all day, without leaving a greasy residue. I am not a primer person and I found that cream and liquid foundation applied beautifully over the top.  It can be used both day and night and at £36 the price that does not break the bank. What more do you want from a moisturiser?

Powerball is available from the Time Bomb website and retails for £36


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  • Tendai Ngorima

    Very interesting. Wat I got from that comment u posted in quotes is that they still recommend you apply your serums before, but just to make sure they r not inclusive of silicone as it will interference with the absorption of the moisturiser? Correct me ins I’m wrong?

    The moisturiser sounds amazing otherwise, the variety of ingredients covers a wide range of common issues which is great. Do u know the technology that the product contains that enables penetrative in sessions to the skin, eg time release capsule, nanotechnology etc And is it all natural? I’m very intrigued.



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