Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa (scary picture alert!)

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa

PatentPurpleLife Montagne Jeunesse 3

I attended the London Beauty Bloggers event in June and one of the goodies in the bag were three masks (Dead Sea, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera) from Montagne Jeunesse.  When I first received these masks, I assumed from the packaging and the name that this was a Swiss or French company, imagine my surprise to find out that they are Welsh!!W!

The brand is twenty five years old and has maintained it strong ethical position over this time.  The products are British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) and Vegetarian Standard approved and the packaging is recyclable.

Before using the mask the skin in cleansed ( I also toned) and then the mask is applied for five minutes.  The mask is then removed and  any excess product  the mask has been impregnated is massaged into the skin. There was not a lot of time to massage the product into the skin before it fully absorbed  I rinsed using a warm flannel and my skin was left a bit  taut.  The mask left the  skin cold to the touch after the mask was removed and my skin felt plumped and smooth after use.  I followed with Hydraluron and night cream.  The fragrance is not typical  of other dead sea products that I have used.  It does not have the strong mineral element of other products, but it is pleasant.

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When you put the mask on the face, it is initially very very cold to the touch,  then after about four minutes it has feels like it is no longer cold.   I posted a picture of the masks on Instagram when I first got them and Ondolady (great blogger – check her out!) advised that there was enough for two applications with each mask and she was right.  After five minutes the mask was still impregnated with plenty of product so I put it away for the following day.  That said, in the current heat, I have used the other masks for ten to fifteen minutes and then thrown the mask away.

The fabric in this mask is a little too small for me…but I do have a face the size of a dinner plate, so I found that there was half an inch around the perimeter of  my face which the mask did not reach.    It is also important to note that laughing and chit chatting whilst using the mask and it changes the contours of your face and so the fabric is not touching your skin.   PatentPurpleLife Montagne Jeunesse

If you are a hayfever sufferer, this is a great way to cool down especially if you have a cooling mask over the eyes. The cool fabric over congested noses feels lovely.  It is not a replacement for my weekly clay/exfoliating/hydrating mask routine  as my skin requires more active ingredients, but it is a very welcome addition in this heat.


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