Holiday Skincare Regime: Decleor Collection

Decleor Collection

I love trying new products and I like seeing the effect that they have on my skin.  I love to rave about great finds and moan about stuff that has not worked for me.  However….when I am going on holiday, especially when the holiday is for the specific purpose of me chilling out and relaxing, I do not want to have to think about my regime or feel the need to monitor my skin on a daily basis.  What I want are products that I feel confident are going to work for me … in this case even in the humidity and heat of the Caribbean sun.

My default skincare range is Decleor.  This range works for me and I have been using it for many many years (even though I still have not forgiven them for discontinuing Vitaroma and Tonilastil!)

So when this holiday was coming up I knew that rather then travel with my full sizes, or decant products into tiny little pots and tubes which I often find don’t hold enough product (what a palaver) I wanted a travel kit , which I could then convert into my gym toilet bag on my return.  I went to the big department stores and looked at a variety of kits but I knew that I would buy the Decleor kit.  Why?  Because I know and trust this range and it is great price.  I saw this kit in John Lewis at the end of July when they were having a ten percent discount on beauty counters to price match with another store and I picked one up.  It came in a beautiful box…which I did not take a picture of before I threw it away but which you can find at

Apart from the Phytopeel (exfoliator) which came from my beauty cupboard, this kit brings together everything that you need in sizes which won’t result in security taking the items off you!!


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