StressBuster: ESPA Restorative Body Oil

Espa Restorative Body Oil

PatentPurpleLife Espa Body OilIt is no secret that I love a body oil, but this ESPA Restorative body oil is something special and specific.  It is a StressBuster of the highest order.  It requires time and space.  So who better then spa brand Espa to ease me into a good night’s sleep.

Patent PurpleLife Espa Body Oil

First of all, the packaging glorious.  The box is purple, so of course I am drawn to it, and it screams spa with abstract images and prose that remind you of the importance of restoring equilibrium to both mind and body.   When you take the box of the shelf it is heavier than you would anticipate.  That is because this glorious oil is housed in a heavyweight glass bottle which a marble-esque stopper.

PatentPurpleLife Espa Body Oil 2

ESPA describe this as

‘a deeply comforting rebalancing blend to soothe calm and uplift’

and I have to agree.  The sweet orange, rose geranium and lavender oil manages to transport you to a different place at the end of a difficult day.  This golden yellow oil has been part of the reason that I have been getting more than four hours sleep per night.

PatentPurpleLife Espa Body Oil (2)

The blend of oils includes some of my favourites.  Coconut AND avocado oils in the mix means not only that it is nourishing, and moisturising but it absorbs easily.  Not to mention Soyabean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Myrrh Oil and Carrot Root Oil.  A delicious cacophony of skin loving oils – hurrah! Because of the blend it is not a heavy  but it definitely absorbs better when  used on damp skin.   This product can be used in the bath… but why would you do that when you can apply directly to the skin.  I save this Restorative Oil for after baths only.  Somehow a shower is too rushed. This is not a product that you slap on first thing in the morning as you are running out the door, or after a quick freshen up before you go to sleep.  This is a pre-meditated product.  A product that you think about using before you use it.  A product that you use mindfully. It is a glorious StressBuster.


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