They’re Real: Push Up Liner and Remover

A couple of months back the bloggersphere was awash with the push up Liner from Benefit.  Part of the same family as the mascara which I reviewed her the push up liner promised to be a game changer.Reviews have been mixed some love it – others think it is over hyped and now that the furore has died down a little I though it would be a good chance to try it.

They're Real Push Up Liner

I got my hands on the mini version which 0.36g of product as opposed to the full size which is 1.4 grams.  The packaging continues the ‘cute’ benefit theme with a deep lid to cover the Accuflex tip and a tapered tube.  At the bottom there is is a section of the tube that rotates with ta click and that is how you push product up to the nib.  The nib itself is made of rubber so it is very flexible and the gel liner pushes up through the middle.  the space that it pushes through is quite large and overall the mechanism is a bit clunky.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner with lid

So the idea is to put a gel liner in a pen format.  Fine in theory but the issue is that gel is not as fluid as liquid so the nozzle for me is slightly too large.  I found that I did not get the precise line that wanted, every time I applied it it was always thicker then I had planned.  The beauty of a gel liner is that you can go as thin or thick as you want –  not in this case.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Accuflex Nib

Also, you really want  your liner to be blackest black.  I had to go over the liner a couple of times to get the depth of colour that I wanted.  Overall, I was just disappointed.  Having let a couple of my colleagues have a go with the pen, I would say that if you are a liner aficionado, you may not find it any better then your favourite product.  However, if you normally find gel a bit challenging, you may find that this product is right up your street.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner with lid

They’re Real Remover:  Because of the alleged staying power of the liner and the mascara benefit decided to come up with a remover that could cope.  The ingredients show that it is water, three different types of mineral oil glycerine and the teeniest tiniest amount of vitamin E.  Basically this is a cream cleanser.  In my opinion, it is no better or worse then a balm or oil cleanser at removing your make up.  The push up liner is long wearing so it does need to be emulsified to remove it but you don’t need to use a mineral oil based product to remove it.

They're Real Push Up Liner Swatch


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