Crowning Glory: Karite Very Dry Hair mask

I try to do an intensive hair mask at least once a month, and after two recent trips to sunnier climes my hair was in need of some nourishment and attention. Shea butter is a favourite product of mine, so when I saw this product on the shelf, I picked it up with no hesitation.  The green of the packaging makes me thing of the South American rain forest, but the product was made in France  by Rene Fuhrer and whilst I have never come across this brand before, their heritage dates back to the 1950’s.

The product is creamy yellow in colour with black specs. It looked a bit like a vanilla pod infused crème brulee. The smell is sweet and look at the ingredients shows that there is orange fragrance in the product – although my nose  does not pick that up.   I still don’t know that the black specs are, and was no clearer after looking at the ingredients.  So,  if anyone knows, please let me know. They are not exfoliating beads, when the product is applied to the skin, there is not grittiness in the product and when it is rinsed out of the hair, they are no longer present.

The instructions state that the product should be on the hair for five to ten minutes . The first time I used it I left it on for thirty minutes, with a disposable shower cap and did some house work – a mini steam treatment when I rinsed my hair, it was soft and definitely felt nourished. It does not coat the hair and rinses out quite well. I used slightly warmer water then usual and there is no  foam when it is rinsed out.  I have used it as instructed, for a less intense treatment and have also tried to use it as a leave in conditioner, but found it left my hair sticky so I rinsed it out about 4 hours later.

This is a good product, but I cannot say that it is an amazing product. I do get a similar result from an unrefined Shea butter home concocted mask. This product smells nicer and the consistence is looser, so rather than me having to melt the Shea butter before use, and shampooing out, this product is just use and go. It is definitely more convenient then melting shea butter,  but as I say a good not a great result.


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