Pucker Up: Ellis Faas Glazed Lip L304

Ellis Faas

I got this product last year as part of the Ultimate Beauty Gift from Liberty’s.  I was very happy to have an opportunity to try an Ellis Faas – she is an international, influential make up artist that does amazing work,  BUT,  when I saw the colour, on the bottom of the packaging  I was worried.  Really worried.  I thought that it was going to be an orangey colour that does not suit me… like Laura Mercier’s Brick Lip Gloss (great formulation but the colour looks TERRIBLE on me)


I even considered going back to Liberty’s to see if I could swap it…  but I didn’t and I am soo glad  because this colour is LOVELY.  It is red.  not coral, not orangey red.  Red.  Which is great, because red, I can wear.


OK, I will talk about the colour later.  Let me tell you about the packaging.  Oh my goodness – the packaging for this range is very striking and really chic.  There is no other packaging like it.  This is the one make up item that when I retouch in the office men and women alike are curious – they want to know what it is.  Men think that it is really cool  pen, until they see me putting it to my mouth.  One woman that I worked with previously told me that she thought it was a sanitary product holder (can you imagine!)  – again until she saw me putting it to my mouth. It does not look like a traditional lip product.


The extended silver bullet packaging is robust.  It can live at the bottom of your bag without leaking.  the lid is secure, but I like to keep it in my make up bag when I am wearing this colour.  It is primed by turning the end of the bullet.


The bristles of the brush are quite stiff which is great for application.  I actually prefer a hoof applicator rather than a brush, but this brush is sufficiently packed to not have bristles going their own separate way after use or after replacing the lid on the product.

1-060The formulation of this lip glaze is excellent, it does not have any shimmer and it is not super sticky, it should be noted that as well as the anti-oxidant, omega oils and vitamin E, it does contain a mineral oil derivative (cera microcristallina).  This lip glaze is highly pigmented but it is not opaque like a lipstick.  On the lips it is a definite red and the colour is buildable.

This is a great colour to wear for Valentines day as it is easy to touch up.  As it is a glaze rather than being opaque the person that you are planning to kiss won’t have to worry about you depositing huge amounts of pigment onto their face/mouth, and gloss is always easier to remove then lippie!


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