Pucker Up: Belmacz Glow (Moonstone)

Belmacz Glow

I have already posted  Belmacz Meteor cream eyeshadow.  I am still obsessed with this product,  but I have managed to wear other colours on my eyes this week.  In the meanwhile…


Belmacz Glow in Moonstone which was in my bathroom… is now in my bag, enticing me with gold leaf  gloriousness every time I reach in my bag for, a tissue, a pen, my Oyster card or my phone.  The lip balm is the same size as the lip gloss and packaged in the same lovely snap shut lid.   The gold leaf in this product differs from Meteor in that is not evenly dispersed throughout the product – slithers of gold life appear to be suspended in the opaque balm. The opaque colour of the balm is not translated to the lip.  It means that gold leaf is not applied to the lip with every application, which I like.  As amazing as the gold leaf is, I think that fact that the it is not applied with every application means that you really get to see the lip balm in its own right.  I really like this lip balm.  The texture reminds me  of the Sisley Confort Extreme Levres (Nutritive Lipbalm).  It is thick and luxurious and applies easily to the lips.  It has a super high sheen.  It is best to keep this product in your bag rather than in your jeans pocket as

a) it looks very lumpy in your jeans pocket and

b) personally I found the ‘heated from the warmth of my body’ Glow was a bit runny which lead to over application.


When you do pick up some of the gold leaf, it does not retain its leaf size on the lip. It breaks down into smaller pieces so that it does provide a dispersed gold across the lips.  It is very subtle and very pretty and it would make a great Valentines Gift gift for any beauty connoisseur.


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