#newlaunch Sarah Jessica Parker: Lovely Sheer

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer

Lovely Sheer is described as a light and fresh variation of the original Lovely – the first fragrance from Sarah Jessica Parker. Can you believe that it is a decade since Lovely was launched?  Unlike other celebrity fragrances launched at the time, (and since) Lovely was just that. Lovely.  Not overly sweet or floral, much more in the vein of a powdery musk with a hint.  Ten years later, we get to experience Lovely Sheer.  It is not the first re-iteration of Lovely – in the states Lovely Winter Sparkle came out in 2008 , Lovely Liquid Satin which has a rosemary note, and a tenth anniversary editon of Lovely with a heavier musk and the addition of an apple note.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer

Lovely Sheer was created by the same noses who created the whole range – Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec.  The Lovely Sheer bottle  shares the same format as Lovely, but the frosted glass and pink element on the lid give a nod to the difference in the fragrance.  Lovely on my skin opens with a gentle wash of warm citrus (as opposed to zesty) that dries down to  powdery musk and thanks to the rosewood seems to stay on my skin  for a good six hour. Lovely Sheer starts off much more floral thanks to the neroli and gardenia.  I get much less of the bLergamot and mandarin and despite the gardenia in Lovely Sheer when it dries down it is less creamy (on me) than Lovely.  Lovely is woody compared to Lovely Sheer’s more aromatic dry down thanks to the pink pepper.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer

In the promotional images, Lovely has SJP in a pink prom style dress with netting under the skirt whereas for Lovely Sheer she is in a leotard and nude fishnets. I would have been more inclined to put SJP in a lingerie style slip dress.   Lovely Sheer is slightly less musky and a little sweeter.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Sheer

If you like the musky powdery close to the skin type scents of Narcisco Rodriguez for her and the Philosophy Grace fragrances, (which I do) you will enjoy Lovely Sheer.   If you are looking for a hair perfume, Lovely Sheer is a great option.

Lovely Sheer is available from Superdrug stores from April 1st where is will be exclusive for one month before being available at all authorised stockists.  One hundred millilitres retails for forty eight pounds

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