Illuminating Fragrance: This Works Neroli & Ginger /Neroli & Sweet Orange Candles

This works neroli sweet orange candle

Following my beauty swap with Kareen from Ziba blog, and receiving the Fleur D’Oranger Body Oil my neroli obsession has once again taken hold.  I went straight to my beauty cupboard for a second neroli fix.  This Works is a cosmetics brand that I don’t really associate with aromatherapy, but, they make amazing candles.  I have bought many of them but my absolute favourite, is the Neroli and Ginger Candle… which has been discontinued (sad face).  Fortunately, This Works have brought out the Neroli and Sweet Orange Candle.  Similar packaging – same fragrance (happy face).




The ginger element of the Neroli and Ginger candle was  non existent, so I can understand why they name has been changed as it more accurately reflects a double orange fragrance.  There is much debate about whether neroli and orange blossom are the same thing.  Is it the way the oil is removed from the blossom (steam distillation vs extraction) or the species of orange plant (citrus sinensis vs citrus aurantium) which distinguishes the two?  I think that This Works belong to the latter school of thought as citrus sinensis is sweet orange and citrus aurantium is bitter orange.


Neroli really is a fragrance that I could smell for hours at a time and the benefit of having it in a candle rather than on the skin is that the fragrance does not fade.  The forty hours burn time  hardly seems like enough, which is why there are lots of these candles in my beauty cupboard.   The pale yellow wax is housed in a cream glass holder, with the This Works Logo embossed onto the glass.  This high quality candle changes the ambience of a room within 20 minutes and the fragrance lasts for hours once the candle has been blown out.

It is no surprise that I love this candle, it has the heady, sweet neroli intensity that I am crazy about… the surprise is that it comes from a skincare brand, not an aromatherapy specialist.


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