Chantecaille Fruit and Flower Acids Mask

Chantacaille Flower and Fruit Acid Mask

Chantacaille Flower And Fruit Acid Mask

An exfoliating mask has replaced a manual scrub in my skincare regime.  I love the simplicity of slapping  some product on your face, waiting for ten minutes wiping away your dead skin cells with the mask and revealing a fresh new face.

Chantacaille Flower and Fruit Acid Mask

You get fifty millilitres of product which is pretty standard for  a mask although ten millilitres less then a Sisley mask which has a similar price point.  It is housed in a heavy glass jar which appeals to my aesthetic and fit the luxe price point. Irritatingly, you don’t get a spatula with it .  For a luxe product  in a jar it really should be standard – going in with clean hands is no really what we should be doing so I use a spatula from a different product. In terms of ingredients it is an interesting mix.  It has a damask rose water base which is a step up from a standard water base that many products use.  The main acid in his mask is glycolic  it also contains  hibiscus and grapefruit  sugar cane extract which all have a gentler exfoliating action then glycolic acid. As well as the rose water there is a bit of  rose oil, jasmine, acacia and narcissus flower waxed and a tiny bit of hyaluronic acid.  It also has mineral oil in it which for a mask that costs more than seventy pounds for the pot is really frustrating.  Mineral oil is not a luxe product and there are lots of oils that could be used.

Chantacaille Flower and Fruit Acid Mask

This mask is not at all irritating on the skin this is absolutely no tingling sensation . The maximum recommend time to leave the mask on is ten minutes but I have left it on for longer with no irritation. Chantecaille advise removing the mask with a sponge (?) but I use a flannel and it is fine.  It does dry slightly on the skin but it does not set hard and it is easy to remove.   It does leave the skin clarified and the texture is more refined but the effect is quite understated on the day.  I find that in the days after use is when I really notice the effect.  My skin behaves better after I have used it. Congestion is minimised and I look fresher.  As someone that has an extensive skincare regime, this does not  conflict with anything that I am using and despite the frustration of not having a spatula I would repurchase it… if they replaced the mineral oil with an oil with more skincare benefits.



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