Jao Goe Oil… An Alternative To Eight Hour Cream

Joa Goe Oil

Jao Goe Oil

I used to use Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream all the time but once I realised that the mineral oil in it was doing nothing for my skin I looked for alternatives… but nothing every quite met the standard and convenience of this multi-functional product.

Jao Goe Oil 3

The word Jao looks like it could be Brazilian but this is an American brand run by a father /daughter team who chose the name out of the back of an old pharmaceutical book.   The Goe (Garden of Eden) oil has been around since 2008 and was developed to be both unisex and multifunctional.  The blue and white box gives information about the ingredients used in the product.  The tube looks metallic but is actually plastic which means that it is very easy to push the product out of the tube.

Jao Goe Oil 6

The ingredients list reads like the who’s who of top natural and plan extracts and products.   They include Shea butter, jojoba oil, jojoba butter, avocado butter, rosemary extract, vitamin e, chamomile oil rosehip, hemp, grapeseed kukui nut oil, and calendula.  Moisturing, nourishing soothing and smoothing all in a tube.

When I first got this product, I thought I would use it as a body cream, but eighty five grams would hardly last any time on my girth.  I also have a lot of hair so  even though it is full of hair loving ingredients it would not last any time at all.  When you push it out of the tube i looks a bit like eight hour cream and like all the best body moisturisers, it does not contain any water.  The consistency is a bit looser  then Eight Hour cream but you get the idea.  It gives a very high sheen on the skin and it is most effective when used on damp skin.

Jao Goe Oil 8

The fragrance smells like Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil – the indolic white flower (tuberose type smell) is there but without the intensity.  I got through a sixth of a tube after a shower, I would probably get through a quarter of a tube if I used it on my hair which means that I could realistically get through a tube in a week.

Like eight hour cream I love it as I can use it on the hair (great for smoothing edges)  skin, dry cuticles, as a lip balm and to tame unruly eyebrows. I keep in my bag and use it several times a day.


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