Liz Earle No 9 and Superskin Dry Oil (For Body)

Liz Earle New Launches September 2016

September is going to be an exciting month at Liz Earle because there are four new launches. If you follow me on Instagram you will already have had a sneak peak at the Superskin Sleep Mask.

  And the new body oils from the Superskin range

I’ve been fortunate to get my hands on the fifth fragrance launch from Liz Earle.  Botanical Essence No 9 and the Superskin Dry Oil ahead of their nation wide launches.

Liz Earle New Launches September 2016

Superskin Dry Oil (for the body)

Liz Earle Superskin Dry Oil

I had low expectations for this product as my crocodile skin normally defeats dry oils within about an hour.  Liz Earle has managed to produce a dry oil that is a nourishing as a standard oil.  Housed in a glass bottle, the Superskin Dry Oil has a spray mechanism that disperses a very fine mist. It is filled with nourishing oils that not only hydrate the skin but also smell great.  Cranberry seed, borage and rosehip oil are the featured oils but they are carried in an avocado oil base.  My skin loves avocado oil so it is no surprise that it is effective on my very dry skin.  The oil is fragranced with lavendin and pettigrain which is light and uplifting.  There is nothing that I don’t like about it.

Botanical Essence Number 9

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 9

Women in the UK love a fruity floral fragrance and Liz Earle has created a scent that does fit that description but still smells like Liz Earle.  Number 9 is blackcurrant, but warm blackcurrant thanks to the red ginger The blackcurrant is dominant, overpowering the bergamot for the first three hours.  Then the fragrance starts to get interesting.  As the blackcurrant dies down, the warmth of the osmanthus and rose step forward bringing with them the creamy vanilla and green vetiver.  At first spritz I find the blackcurrant to be to much for my senses, but I love the dry down.  This is not a ‘pretty’ fragrance, it is one for the women and not the girls.

Liz Earle New Launches September 2016

You will want to put a note in your diary for Liz Earle No 9 and Superskin Dry Oil – they are both lovely.

Botanical Essence No 9 Eau de Parfum (50ml) will retail for £49 from September 2016.  Superskin Dry Oil (100ml) will retail for £35 from October 2016.  Both will be available from QVC and other authorised stockists.


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