Bershka – The Perfume

Bershka The Perfume

Bershka Perfume BoxLets be honest  – I am not Bershka’s target market.  Their promotional literature is full of young lithe, tall good looking people and having lived in Spain (Berska is a Spanish brand) in the noughties, I know how trendy  this brand is with the young nubile types.

Bershaka The Perfume Origami Box

Bershka’s Beauty Launch was last week, so I have already played with the nail varnish (great colour – terrible longevity) and the lipgloss (liked it – head to my instagram for swatches).  I really enjoy fragrance so I was worried that the signature fragrance for a ‘nubile young thing’ brand would be sickly sweet and overbearingly floral.

Bershka The Perfume

I should have had a clue from the packaging.  The box is pink and white and glittery… but it has a bit of origami.  Bershka – you have my interest.  The bottle and lid create an icosahedron (twenty sided) shape.  The geometric shape is interesting. I think that the white plastic lid spoils the overall look of the bottle but this is a fourteen ninety nine eau de toilette.  The shape determines the way that the bottle sits on your dressing table and the twenty faces make it tactile in the hand.

Bershka The Perfume Geometric Bottle

The lid is not the easiest to take off the bottle, you kind of have to twist and pull the top off.

Bershka The Perfume bottle

I sprayed it on my skin and went about my business sniffing my arm every fifteen to twenty minutes and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Don’t sniff it as soon as you have sprayed it – if you can wait ten minutes, I would recommend that you do.  The initial sweet burst gives way to a subtle vanilla sweetness.  As a high street entry into the world of fragrance, it is very very far removed from the Charlie Red that I was wearing when I was fifteen. Worth a spray if you find yourself in the store. It might surprise you!

Bershka The Perfume bottle and lid Bershka Signature fragrance

PR sample




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