L’Eau de Chloe

L'Eau de Chloe

I LOVE this fragrance.  It is my first Chloe fragrance and I am definitely interested in trying others.  This is an eau de toilette that has the staying power of an eau de parfum.  I get seven hours wear from this fragrance which is brilliant.

L'Eau de Chloe

L’Eau de Chloe which was first realised in 2012 is the lighter and some might say brighter version of the Chloe fragrance which was released in 2008.

So what does it smell like?  Well Chloe say:-

The effect of L’Eau de Chloe Eau de Toilette is akin to sipping a glass of lemonade in an abundant rose garden at the height of spring.

I can’t say that I agree with this description.  For me this fragrance does not have the sweetness that I associate with lemonade.  On my skin, it  is  a really fresh and green.  The grapefruit, cedrat are not super zinging and the sweet peach does not make the fragrance overly floral or sweet.  As it dries down I don’t get rose, but I do get white flower and as the hours go on, it fades smoothly rather than stepping into the basenotes of patchouli and amber.  My body chemistry seems to turn this fragrance into something that was not designed to be, but as I am not a fan of roses that is fine with me.


The bottle replicates the vertical line  found on the original Chloe fragrance which replicates the folds in a Chloe bottle and the light green rather than peach colour adds to the overall feeling of freshness.

When you get a chance, do have a spritz of this if you are after a fresh floral with staying power.


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