100 Day Beauty Spending Ban Update (day 50)

Beauty Spending Ban Update Day 50

Today is day fifty of my beauty spending ban.  I’m half way through my 100 day beauty spending ban and so far I have not wavered from my course. Hurrah for me!!

Beauty Spending Ban Update Day 50

Having a beauty blow out before I started helped immensely.  I had a Harrods shopping credit that was about to run out so I picked up some goodies that had been on my wishlist to keep me going for the duration… but I did not account for the Tom Ford #lipsandboys collection which very nearly tipped me over the edge on day one! Luckily Santa realised that I had been a good girl during 2014 and two were in my Christmas stocking.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys

I thought I was being clever starting my ban before Christmas as I knew that I would receive some beauty Christmas gifts.  However I did not take into consideration the temptation that was Gatwick Airport which I passed through on my way to sunnier climes just before Christmas.  There is something about the words ‘airport exclusive’ that are just exciting to me – but I managed to distract myself at both ends of the journey and returned home without any additional beauty items.


Back in the UK the temptation is over.  The beauty sales have not tempted me so far and I am enjoying  rediscovering items in my stash.  I’m looking forward to another fifty wobble free days and am finessing my end of ban wish list.


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