My Orange Obsession feat Hermes Eau des Merveilles

Eau Des Merveilles

Hermes.  A brand that fashionistas dreams are made of.  Birkin and Kelly bags don’t fit my aesthetic or my budget!  The silk scarves are tres chic, but I can imagine getting brown foundation and powder all over them if I used them to adorn my neck!  Their fragrances however are beautiful and lots of them contain my favourite orange notes. From the colognes to the chypres there is something for every mood. Eau des Merveilles is the woodier side of my orange obsession.

Eau Des Merveilles

Eau de Merveilles (Water of Wonder) has been around for over a decade and with good reason.  It is beautiful.  Not in a pretty, floral or feminine way. In fact there isn’t a floral note in this fragrance. It is interesting, complex and impactful but not in your face.

Eau des Merveilles turns the perfume pyramid on it’s head.  Woody notes are on the top with the citrus (orange and lemon) on the bottom.  In reality this means that from the first spritz you get the vetiver cedar and oakmoss with the fir providing a touch of green.  This initial spritz is light in it’s woodiness and the orange whilst subtle does add to that.  As the fragrance develops the spiciness comes through, black and pink pepper and a warm amber.  All the while the orange and lemon are doing what citrus notes do best.  Providing balance and a touch of zest.

Eau Des Merveilles

If woody fragrances scare you, Eau des Merveilles is a good starting point, as woody element is quite green. This fragrance is so much better on the skin than on a blotter.  You really need to wear it to get the full effect.  I have the eau de toilette but the longevity is a good seven hours plus. It is available in the eau de parfum but interestingly I prefer the light version.  If you are looking for a grown up fragrance that isn’t stuffy and is very addictive, you need to smell Eau de Merveilles.


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