Abhana White Grapefuit and May Chang Hand Cream

Abhana Hand Cream

I know I am tardy to the party but I have recently discovered and am loving Abhana.   This hand cream has garnered the greatest number of comments from strangers

Abhana Hand Cream

I am a hand cream devotee and apply it very regularly during the course of the day.  Sometimes people think that I am wringing my hands, but usually I am applying hand cream and in the last month, whilst I have been queuing for my parking permit, queuing at the supermarket and sitting on the bus, minding my own business, strangers have commented and wanted to get into conversation with me.  The man that helped me with my permit took the details of the cream because he thought that his wife would appreciate it (ahhh).  I have spoken before about fifty ml being the perfect handbag size for a hand cream. Enough to get you through a couple of months but will not take up too much space in your bag.

The fragrance is what attracted the random people  to me and it is an exquisite fragrance.  Grapefruit is a difficult  fragrance to do well but Abhana have.  Sharp, but not overly sweet.  The star of the show however is the May Chang.  Imagine that a lemon and some lemongrass had a love child and sent that child to finishing school.  May Chang is that child, it is rounder then lemon but with the depth of lemon grass.  It is a beautiful scent.

The texture of cream is also lovely.  Light so it absorbs quickly but despite the high water conent, it is moisturising thanks to the cocoa and shea butters.  This is a great handcream.


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