By Terry: Light Expert Click Brush for Deep and Dark Skintones

By Terry Click Expert Workshop

Twenty seven seeks ago, I was invited to attend the By Terry launch of their new Light Expert Click Brush foundation.  Sadly my excitement soon turned to disappointment because the deepest shade was much to light for my skintone.  I know it was twenty seven weeks ago because this is the image that I posted on Instagram.


At the By Terry event I was advised that the team were working on extending shade range, but to be honest, I did not believe them.  I have been in this situation before with other brands.  Usually the promised shades don’t appear at all, or one outlier shade comes to the market without fanfare and is then discontinued within three months when the brand claims that the shade was not popular.  Hurrumph.

Last week I received an invitation to attend a workshop specifically on Light Expert Click Brush for deep and dark skin tones.  I thought that I would be sitting in a room talking about what I wanted from a foundation – I did not expect this.

By Terry Click Expert Workshop (1)
Thanks to Alex from @FoundationDtory for swatching all the colours and letting me take this picture of  her arm!

The By Terry team had actually been working on shades!  This is AMAZING.

a) They listened to their consumer

b) They created the product

c) They asked MUAs, consumers bloggers and influencers how we felt about the product they created.

Then this happened.

By Terry Click Expert Workshop

This is a picture of me, with Terry de Gunzburg.  Yes, THE Terry de Gunzburg.  The Terry behind the By Terry brand. Oh, My, Flipping, Gosh!

Seriously – do you understand how huge this is?  Terry de Gunzburg was in the building on the day that the workshop took place.  Not only that, she came and spoke to us, poked around in our make up bags, got excited about products, asked us how we felt about the shades, got involved in the process and took pictures with us.  BLOODY BRILLIANT.

Can you imagine if every brand did this? Imagine if every brand owner took the decision to get directly involved with it’s customers.  It is not a matter of the size of the brand or whether they are mass or prestige. This is a matter of intention.  As a brand, if it is your intention to create an inclusive complexion range, you will do it, but, you have to consider it to be important. TheBy Terry team have demonstrated that they do. A true example of ‘show and prove’.  As someone who was very vocal in my exasperation with the brand twenty seven weeks ago I am very happy to be even more vocal now that the shades have been created (as well as fan girl-ing over Ms de Gunzburg – she is amazing!).  If you are a brand owner / brand ambassador / brand manager this is what you need to do.  Engage with your customers and create products that they want.  When your customers feel like a part of the brand community, they share insights that you as a brand may not have considered. The bottom line is  (because this is a business) they buy more and they stay loyal to your brand.

By Terry Click Expert Workshop

I got to play with the different shades of Light Expert Click Brush for a couple of  hours and I am very impressed. Two of the six shades worked for me and it was great to see all of the women in attendance finding their shade regardless of their undertone.  The technology behind this product is fascinating to me because I saw women with a three to four shade difference in their skin tone wearing the same shade equally well.  Brands often talk about colour adapting technology but it is not usually over such a wide shade range.  Many brands do not  have an inclusive shade range in their BB/CC cream offering so if that is the effect you like, this product will be great for you but if like me, you like a ‘cake face’ this product will work for you as well.  The shades are being launched in September (I know… that is ages away!) but there are some final tweaks  that need to be made, before it comes to market.  Look out for a full  review in September as  I will be going into detail about the feel, texture, wear and technology behind the product.

As well as playing with the new Light Expert Click Brush shades, I also got to play with some new products from the brand.  The micellar water will be in stores in the next few days, it cut through my cake face very easily and did not leave the skin taut or stripped.  If you love a cleansing water you need this.

By Terry Toner and Micellar Water

I also got to play with the new Sun Designer palette.  Isn’t it gorgeous! Available in two colour ways, each palette has six shades (matte and shimmer) which can be used to highlight, bronze, blush and (depending on your skintone) contour.  I would also use the shades as eyeshadow. The texture of these powders is sooooooo good. Soft, blendable and most importantly very wearable.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette l ight tan vibes


By Terry By Terry Sun Designer Palette Tan Flash Cruise

Look out for LOTS more By Terry on the blog over the coming month – another brand obsession has started!


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