Luscious Lips: Milani Lip Flashes

Milani Lip Flash

Why isn’t Milani available in the UK?  Why?

Lip Flash

OK, rant over.  If you get an opportunity to buy make up in the states, Milani is one of the brands you need to look at – a drug store brand with great pigmentation.

Detail Milani Lip Flash

Before Clinique’s chubby sticks for lips were spinning everyone’s world, Milani were making Lip Flashes and I’ve got two of them.  Milani describe them as ‘full coverage shimmer gloss pencils’ and it is an accurate description.  The advantage of the pencil is that it is easy to apply – no need for a brush, or lip liner.  The wear of these colours is not hugely long, but reapplication is a doddle (you might want to carry a pencil sharpener with you though.  This disadvantage in this case is the fact that Milani is not available in the UK.

Milani Hot Flash

Hot Flash (05)

This is a much more orangey red then I would normally go for but the reason that this has remained in my bathroom is because of the texture and the shine.  This is like a shiny vinyl lip gloss in a pencil (no shimmer/glitter particles).  It is like no other product that I have tried so despite the orangey red, I wear it…. occasionally.  It is a lip colour that needs eye make up to even out the intensity on the face.

Milani Flashy

Flashy (06)

This is pink with pink glitter.  The texture is not as smooth as Hot Flash and the finish is not a shiny/vinyl as Hot Flash.  It is a great alternative to a pink lipstick with a glitter lip gloss over the top.  The glitter is not abrasive on the lips.


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