Sensationail Peel Off Polish

Sensationail Peel off varnish

Sensationail Peel Off Varnish Sensationail’s peelable nail polish has been my manicure of choice over the past month.  I first learned about peelable polish from Little Ondine, Through YouTube I got familiar with gel basecoats and now I’m finding this concept to be very useful.  I’ve been wearing two shades:-

Sensationail Peel Off Varnish

Mauve Over (The Greige)

This is not normally the type of shade that I go  for.  In person it is more mushroom taupe than mauve (in my opinion.)  The addition of the mauve undertone must be the reason that I find it so wearable so I am not complaining.  It is surprisingly very flattering.  Two coats are needed and it helps  longevity to seal the edge of the nail.  This is a contemporary classic colour and goes with every outfit.

Sensationail Peel Off Varnish

Set In Rhine Stone (The Glitter)

Firstly, I love the name.  In the world of peelable nail polish glitter is definitely the place to start.  Removing glitter from your nails, even with a base coat can be a pain in the proverbial. You need to use a stronger formula nail varnish remover or acetone, it takes ages and it gets everywhere.  A peelable option solves these problems.  This is a good formula.  Opaque in two coats, it dries to a matte, but leaves the surface of he nail bumpy so you might want to go over with a top coat so that you dont graze yourself during normal life.

Sensationail Peel off varnish swatches

Gimmick or Game Changer

Truth is, neither.  Peelable polish is not a gimmick.  Being able to change the colour of your polish quickly will alwasy be cnsidered a good thing if a quick change is something that you require.  I can’t call it a game changer as Little Ondine did it first.  At £6 per polish it is a good price, if you can find a shade that you like.  For me, the glitter is the stand out product.  Glitter application can be a real pain to remove. A peelable option is good to have.

Sensationail Peel off varnish swatches


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