Illuminating Fragrance: Christian Lacroix – Eygalieres

Christian Lacroix Eygalieres

Christian Lacroix Eygalieres

Candles like make up are a great way to dip into a fashion house … without the expense for that haute couture gown or the disappointment when your round self does not fit into the very streamlined designs.  It is safe to say that as much as I am partial to a flamboyant print in a well cut dress,  I am unlikely to ever own Lacroix gown but a candle – yeah, I can do that.

Christian Lacroix Eygalieres

Eygalieres is a small village in France, close to the Alpilles which for Monsieur Lacroix smells like this candle, like figs and lemons.  Fig is a great scent for the home. Fruity without being sweet and depth without being heady.  I am a recent convert to this fragrance for home and not only is it  a great unisex, it is also great for people consider that they are ‘not really into candles’ and ‘not really into home fragrance’.  It is inoffensive without being bland and lemon provides a beautiful contrast without being too sharp.

Christian Lacroix Eygalieres

This candle is beautifully presented.  The black box with silver embellishment is further adorned with a navy and white (how French chic no?) which also keeps the two parts of the box together.

Christian Lacroix Eygalieres

The candle is housed in a beautiful porcelain holder that has Lacroix iconic Paseo design which is also in silver on the box.  There is something very tactile and at the same time fragile about the holder and I will definitely be using it to house make up brushes after use.   This is not the most long lasting fragrance in the room but it is a beautiful subtle scent and it looks amazing.  If your home looks like something out of a Kelly Hoppen coffee table book you need this candle, and if you are not keen on fig and lemon there are two other fragrances from Monsieur Lacroix for you to choose from.

  • Craig

    Small correction: Eygalieres is near the Alpilles, not the Alps.

    • Jo

      Hi Craig

      Thanks for letting me know – I have made the change.




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