Batting My Lashes: Fashion Fair Bold Lash

Fashion Fair Bold Lash

Fashion Fair is definitely going through a bit of a renaissance.  Always a go to brand for women of colour for their extensive foundation range, they have now reformulated two of the most essential items  in any make up bag (mascara and eye liner) to great effect. Whatever your ethnicity, they have always been worth checking out for pigmented eyeshadows…. but now, if you are in the market for a mascara you need to check them out.   If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been loving Bold Lash from Fashion Fair because it makes your lashes… bold.

The black packaging is a bit incongruous with the metallic brown of the compacts and foundations.  It looks like it is from a different (less prestige) brand and is slightly disappointing. The silver writing on the tube wears off pretty quickly That said, the product itself completely makes up for it.

Fashion Fair Bold Lash

The colour is JET black.  A major bug bear of mine is mascaras that are off black, or grey black.  The one is deliciously black.  It also dries slightly glossy… not super shiny but definitely not matte.  On the lashes, I find that it gives my very straight lashes curl as well as length and volume.  Don’t get this product into the eyes because it will make them smart but if you can get as close the roots of the lash as possible, you will get a beautiful curve which lasts all day, you can then focus on the end of the lashes for length as it does not clump.

The wand is quite large, so take care with your application so prevent getting the formula on your lid.  The bristles are not prickly (another mascara bug bear) and if you take your time you will find that you can get into the corner lashes.  It will sting if you get it in your eyes though.  This mascara lasts all day and it is not the easiest mascara to remove.  This is not a problem for me as I am a #cleanseaholic so a cleansing oil or balm will remove it easily.  If you only clean your skin with cleansing wipes, or a micellar you may find that you struggle or that when you wake up in the morning, you are still wearing the mascara!

If you are a Fashion Fair fan, you need to try this range, and if you have never tried Fashion Fair before, this may well be the product to dip your feet into the range.  Bold Lash is available from Debenhams and Boots and at £16.00 it is a great way to bolster your Beauty Club and Advantage Card points!

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