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Cocofina range

Coconut water has taken the western world by storm. As a child of Caribbean parents it has been very strange for me to watch coco loco fever take the media by storm because it is not new for me.  When my school friends were eating fairy cakes, I was eating coconut drops and coconut turnovers.  There was always a dried coconut in the house which my dad would demolish with a hammer and we would eat the coconut like a sweet treat… our jaws aching after the ninth piece of the sweet goodness.  Coconut water was never something I craved… unless it had rum in it and on trips to the Caribbean I would forgo schlurping on coconut water from a young (green) coconut like you see all the trendies do at festivals cos I was too busy drinking rum punch.

Buying coconut water in the UK is an interesting phenomenon for me because many of the cans and cartons of it are more sugar than coconut water… which defeats that skin benefits because excess sugar is not good for the skin.

cocofina range

Coconut water is rich in vitamins (especially B vitamins) minerals antioxidants and plant hormones and naturally low in sugar which mean it is great for the skin.  Not all coconut products are created equally though so I was curious when a bumper box of Cocofina products arrived at my door.  Cocofina is an American brand that was established in 2005 out of a frustration with artificial drinks.  The brand has extended to include flavoured waters, coconut bars and a coconut nectar.  I have had a chance to try them all and here are my thoughts.

Coconut Water

Cocofina Coconut Water

This is a coconut water with no added sugars.  On the ingredients listing there is only one ingredient – coconut water. If you have been drinking sweetened coconut water you will notice the difference.  Fro me it was a very refreshing change to have  un-adulterated coconut water.  If you see it when you are out and about pick it up.

Flavoured Coconut Water.

Cocofina Flavoured Water

I have to be honest – I was not a fan of the flavoured waters.  I did not feel that the flavouring was sufficiently strong for you to be able to differentiate between Passion Fruit, Mango and Guava and Apple and Blueberry versions. They do contain added sugar but they do not taste sweet.  If you don’t really like coconut water or have been drinking a sweetened version – this would be the place to start.

Coconut Flower Nectar

Cocofina Flower Nectar

This is the product that I was most surprised about.  Coconut flower nectar is taken from the sap of the coconut flower buds.  It is a type of bee-free honey.  It is not as sweet at the refined honey that you will find in your local supermarket but it is definitely sweet.  I have used it in a variety of ways – the mister uses it in his tea.  I have done honey glazed ribs, made cakes and crumbles put a spoonful in my Greek yoghurt using it as a substitute for honey or agave syrup. I had never heard of Coconut flower nectar before but it is definitely something that I will look out for in the future.

Coconut Bars

cocofina bars

Love these.  No more excuses for leaving the house without something to eat.   Pop them in your bag for a snack.  Pre post gym snack.  If you are familiar with coconut macaroons that you often find in the free from sections of your supermarket, you will know what they taste like.  The flavours are quite distinct.  My favourite is the date but they are all really good. nom nom

cocofina bars

You can buy Cocofina products directly from their website and selected stockists including Holland and Barrett


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