100 Day Beauty Spending Ban

Beauty Spending Ban

I am doing the one hundred days spending ban.  Yes really.  Me.  From today until March 10th 2015 I will not buy any skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, haircare or beauty tools.

Beauty Spending Ban

Having looked through my beauty cupboard, which is now so full it has spilled out into my front room.. I have enough mascara, lipstick and eye shadow to last me for years, and I have enough foundation to get me through the next one hundred days.  I was slightly concerned that I was going to run out of toner… but it was a false alarm so no excuses.  My beauty spending stops TODAY!



  • Wonderlusting

    Good luck lady you can do it! The first 2 weeks are the hardest – you will want to buy EVERYTHING – but after that it actually starts to be fun rediscovering your stash.

    • Hi Lynda

      You are right, day 1 was a killer because of Lips and Boys but apart from that, it has been ok. I have just written a list of all the products that I want to buy as I have seen them which I have been revising as I go along.




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