Five Glorious Benefits of Being A Micro Blogger

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Patent Purple Life Micro BloggerHave you heard this term micro blogger?  It means someone without a small following.  What is a big following?  That depends on a number of factors but numbers are the clearest way to define it.  With fake followers, and followers who are not necessarily engaged, it is clear that numbers do not necessarily mean anything but regardless of how small you think a blog is there is amazing value in your space.

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If blogging had been a thing 20 years ago I may have had an aspiration to be a macro blogger.  To live the life associated with having a large sphere of influence.  I reality I am not.  I have a 9 – 5 that is not in the beauty industry, I have a full family life and social life.  My blog is a hobby turned obsession.

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I feel very fortunate to have made contact with some beauty brands and to have access to some products for review.  If you look carefully though you will see that I continue to buy a large number of products.  It is probably about 70:30 purchases to samples.  When I started my blog when I was already a beauty addict.  I just wanted a vehicle to share my voice.  An extension of the chat that I have with my friends colleagues and strangers about skincare and makeup.  I am a micro blogger and proudly so.  Here’s why…

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I Don’t Have Trolls

I can hand on heart say that I have not received a spiteful, inappropriate or mean comment about anything I have ever posted on any social media network.  For that, I am very very grateful.  I don’t have enough followers to get a backlash despite posting strong views about very popular products. To be honest that is not something that want to give up.  The people that read my blog are lovely.  The people who don’t agree with my opinion either let me know their opinion or keep it moving.  My corner of cyberspace is safe.  I have no issue with the oldest or youngest members of my family reading my blog or the comments that I get.  I would not not to exchange that for a hundred thousand more followers.

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The Lovely People That Read My Blog Are Patient

If I don’t post for a week, (or more) I don’t get people asking me where I am, what I am doing and why I have not posted.  If I post a picture of my dinner, I don’t get people asking me my thoughts on the latest Urban Decay eye shadow palette.  My community understand that I have a life…and that my life is mine not theirs.

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I Write About Whichever Products I Want

As some mega macro bloggers move through life there is some backlash for them posting about the designer handbags they have worked hard to attain. Their teen and tween readership are still receiving pocket money so a Lancome mascara is achievable but a Chanel handbag is several steps too far.  As a micro blogger, I don’t have this issue. I like the colour purple, brightly coloured eye shadows, and I like skincare.  I can talk about any brand I want without it conflicting other ‘opportunities’ or alienating readers.  I talk about products that I have used, or products that have piqued my interest.   Do you remember the blogs where the writers were were obsessed with MAC would review MAC products exclusively?  Yes? Are any of them mega macro bloggers? Sadly no.

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I Don’t Have To Share Every Single Minute Of  My Life

When you are a mega macro blogger your community want to know all about you.  They want to know about your partner, your kids, your parents, what you ate for breakfast, what your anxiety level etc.  Your management team want you to share this because every post, every moment of your life is a money making opportunity and your influence is three dimensional.  Some weekends I stay in my pyjamas all day eating crappy food and watching TV. I don’t want to share that with you and trust me you really dont want to see that.  Sometimes my weekend consists of laundry, supermarket shopping cleaning and going to bed early.  I don’t want to share that with you and as a micro blogger, I am not required to. Phew!

 Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eyecolor TrioI Am Completely Honest

When I don’t like a product I say so.  I  just say I don’t like it. The lovely people who read my blog know that not everything is for everybody. They understand that my opinion is not a statement of fact. The lovely people who read my blog know that I am honest.  They expect it.  I am not a magazine so I am not worried about advertising revenue.  The brands that I have had the pleasure of working with know that if I don’t like a product I will say so.  In the same way that football fans wax lyrical about why one goal was better than another, I can and do wax lyrical about why a product does not work for me.  Or why I think it is just meh.  Meh is neither good nor bad, it is just meh.  My honesty has led to brands approaching me with their products.  Sometimes I have reviewed them. Sometimes I haven’t but I’ve remained consistent and that is central to me being me in this corner of cyberspace.

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If you are a micro blogger and feeling low that your content does not have the reach of a mega macro blogger, stop.  Feel proud of your work and the community that you are creating.  If you are a beauty addict, support your favourite micro bloggers. Our voices may reflect yours more closely than a mega macro blogger.  If you are a brand, large or small, approach a micro bloggers, start a conversation with us – you  never know where it might lead!

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