Batting My Lashes: Pur Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara

Pur Minerals Big Lash Waterproof Mascara

Pur Minerals Big Lash Mascara

Pur Minerals is a cruelty free brand from America with products that they define as being  vegan, gluten free and in the main paraben free.
Pur Minerals Big Lash Waterproof Mascara

The Big Look Waterproof mascara is packaged in a pretty turquoise tube with a silver lid that is embossed with rain drops.  It is a bit reminiscent of the MAC Alluring Aquatic  collection that came out earlir this year.  The tube is quite short and when the lid is removed from the tube you can literally hear the plastic bristles of the wand as they come through the opening.  The balance of the wand when you first remove it from the tube seems a bit off because the brush is long and wide in comparison.  The width of the brush is a problem for me as I found that it left mascara on my eyelids.  A real pain if you have carefully applied eye shadow and liner prior to application.  I also found the that the brush was flooded with product but because the bristles are quite short and the wand is flexible it was difficult to remove the excess product.  My solution was to wipe the wand on a small piece of grease proof paper prior to using the mascara.  It helped alot but it did not completely solve the problem.  The formula is a true black and whilst I did gain some volume, I did not get much length on my lashes.  As the formula is waterproof, you also have to work quite quickly to maximise the length and volume that you want as if it dries, you second coat will be a bit clumpy.

Pur Minerals Big Lash Waterproof Mascara

As a beauty junkie I have some disposal mascara wands in my stash and I found that this improved application significantly. A small brush gave me more control but again it gave me good volume but not the length I craved on the lashes.  The waterproof-ability (is that a word?) of this product cannot be faulted.  I wore it when I attended a wedding and during the beautiful ceremony this mascara stayed put.  The benefit of it being waterproof however does mean that you have to really take you time when you remove it.  Despite the addition of argan oil to the formula, this is not an easy mascara to remove.  My oil cleanser did not budge it one bit.  A dedicated eye make up remover or a micellar water is definitely needed,  followed by an oil / balm cleanser to ensure that all the mascara is removed.  Overall I was disappointed with this product but I have to say it is completely down to the wand.  Using a disposable wand improved the performance significantly but not enough for me to keep using it.

Pur Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara is available from Marks and Spencers and Feel Unique and retails for £15.00



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