Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (N100)

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Canadian brand Cover FX was developed in conjunction with dermatologists in response to the needs of patients that they were seeing on a daily basis.  This brand focuses on complexion product – no colour cosmetics from primers to full coverage foundation as well as amazing brushes Cover FX is a brand that is often overlooked…. until now.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Clinically tested paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc free, vegan Custom Cover Drops offer weightless coverage that is perfectly shaded.  Our flash fusion technology formula allows pigments to transform the products you love without altering their texture or finish, one drop at a time.  Your favourite products infused with pure colour that provides customizable levels of coverage.

Above is their marketing blurb and I have to say, it is pretty accurate.  Custom Cover Drops are changing the way that people think about and wear complexion products.  They are a pigment that you can add to a facial oil, serum, moisturiers, BB, CC, DD creams and primers to convert them into tinted or full coverage products.  This flexibility is like nothing else currently on the market.  Delve into your makeup graveyard to find products that were not the right shade and customise not on the the shade but also the coverage in a few drops.   To see more have a look at my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Video .  Caution – don,t mix this product with your sunscreen.  I checked with both  Cover FX and UltraSun and both stated that this would  inhibit the activity of your SPF.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

The reason that I am impressed with this product is the technology behind it.  Liquid foundations formulas are mixtures of water, with oil, or increasing silicone. In 2015 customers have high expectations of the feel, texture and longevity of formulas and silicones and playing and increasingly important role in this development.  Generally oil and water do not mix .  Think about your bi phase eye make up remover.   When you shake it, the oil and water are mixed and form an emulsion. It is temporary (not stable) because after a while the two phases separate again.  Shaking is a commonly used way to create an emulsion – in a lab this happens at faster speeds and other ingredients called emulsifiers are added to make an stable (long lasting) emulsion.

This is what make Custom Cover Drops so special.  You can mix them with an oil, water or silicone based product and the pigment does not change the smell texture or feel of the product.  As a make up geek, that is the kind of thing that gets me excited (sad but true)  As a result of the formula being so fantastic, you are able to create endless possibilities with your products.  You choose the coverage, formulation and texture that is right for your depending on what your skin needs. It is truly an innovative product.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Custom Cover Drops retail for £36 which is a similar price to a Laura Mercier or Armani foundation but the value of this product is in me digging out products from my make up graveyard and bringing them back to life.  Another word of caution – if you have a deep skintone like me, and are planning to use these drops with products that have a white base (like a lighter coloured foundation)  you will need to add a higher number of drops.  My recommendation would be to purchase the drops one shade deeper so that you can still use the recommended number of drops.  The drops are available in neutral warm and cool undertones and there are plans to extend the colour ranges further.

If you have ever had problem getting the correct shade of foundation for your skin tone, this is definitely a product to consider.  CoverFX are currently exclusive to Harvey Nichols, but they will be coming to House of Fraser soon.



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