MUFE: Step 1 Skin Equalizer and HD Loose Powder

MUFE HD Powder and Step 1 Skin Equaliser Caramel

I am currently going through a MUFE fan moment – can you tell?  Two products that I have been using and loving for different reasons are the Skin Equalizer and the Loose HD Powder

Step 1 Equalizer – Caramel

MUFE Step 1 Equalizer Caramel

MUFE have a range of primers which do a variety of roles. I am not a huge primer person as I have yet to find one that works for me but I thought I would give this one a go because it is a radiance rather than a mattifying primer. The first thing to note about this product is the colour.  there are lots of colour correcting primers on the market but they are generally green to deal with redness.  MUFE as a pro brand view things slighting differently and have six primers in different colours to colour correct for a variety of skin tones – including dark skin.  Hurrah!

MUFE Step 1 Equalizer Caramel

The primer is described as Caramel but it has more of an orange rather than honey or brown undertone.  That is brilliant because orange is the colour corrector tone of choice for deep and dark skin tones.  Orange provides radiance to deep/dark skintones in a way that yellow doesn’t quit manage to.  On deeper skin tones it is also a great colour for colour correcting hyper pigmentation.   Having praised the benefits of orange colours I don’t get any colour correcting from this product.  The primer is not opaque, it does not leave the skin orange.  Despite the silicones in the product it does not have a typical sticky primer feel.  It absorbs into the skin like a moisturiser rather than sitting on top of the skin.   As a primer, it does not keep me matte but it is not designed to.  Far and away the BEST use for this product though is with my Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops.  This gives me hands down the best, no make up make up base when used in conjunction with the drops.  It is also a great base for powder make up as it is so hydrating thanks to the hyaluronic acid.  If you are looking for a primer and have a specific need be it colour correction, mattifying or smoothing, it is worth considering the MUFE range.

Step 1 Skin Equalizer in Caramel is available from Debenhams and retails for £24.00

HD Loose Powder

MUFE HD Loose Powder

This is a one ingredient product.  Silica.  Translucent powders always make people a bit weary as we have all seen those pictures of celebrities in a paparazzi picture on the red carpet with a generous dusting of what looks like icing sugar in their face.  This is what translucent powder which ‘flashes back’ can do you to.  Flash back happens with white powders when they reflect the light back directly at the camera.  It is generally associated with a larger particle size in the powder.  the smaller the particle size the light is reflected back at wider angles and there is no flash.  Silica is notorious for flash back but you can get it with other ingredients that you will find in loose powders like talc and corn starch.

MUFE HD Loose Powder

When using loose powder there are certain things that are in your control and others that aren’t.  If you decide that silica is not for you, you can choose another ingredient.  Unfortunately, cosmetics companies don’t tell you the size of the particle in their powder.  The other thing to mention about this powder is that in person, it does not flash.  It looks fine – so that flashback issue is only an issue if you have a selfie heavy day ahead.

So, the most important thing that you can do with it comes to powder is to apply a TINY amount and buff it into the skin.  It will really reduce the level of flashback you get – even with a product with a larger particle size  If you like to ‘bake / cake’ your make up make sure you buff off the excess properly.  In addition, a spritz of a spray be it a toner, Smashbox Primer Water or something similar with take down any propensity to flash on the skin.

MUFE HD Loose Powder

With all that in mind, the MUFE HD powder is FABULOUS.  From the packaging, which has a dome shape in the lid to ensure that you don’t amass a huge amount of the powder in the lid (no mess when travelling). To the fact that the powder is very very finely milled.  Plus the fact that in my experience (subject to appropriate buffing into the skin) it does not flashback.  Use a tiny amount and you will find that it sets your makeup without giving a white cast.  It also is great a dealing with any areas on the face that you have been heavy-handed.  Buff it into the skin to tone down a heavy contour or blush.   Once you get the hang of this powder, you will wonder what you did without it, but it takes a minute to work out the best way to use it in your routine.

MUFE HD Loose Powder is available from Debenhams and retails for £22.00


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