Eye of Horus: Liquid Metals

Eye of Horus Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx

The visuals from Eye of Hours are some of my favourites from any makeup brand.  The Eye of Horus is an ancient kemetic symbol.  The visuals from the brand are true to the adornment tradition of this era.  Eye of Horus Liquid Metals were quite recently released.  There are four shades, Alchemy Gold,  Ancient Pewter, Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx.  These versatile products are pigment rich, high in metallic sheen and long wearing.  I have been playing with the bronze and copper shades for a couple of weeks now and they are more versatile that I at first imagined.

Eye of Horus Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx


This is what the product was designed for.  The brush is thin and tapered so you can get a fine line really close to the lashes.  I absolutely love coloured liner.  Wing it out, do a mini kitten flick or just follow your natural lash line it is a great way to introduce a pop of colour if like me the windows to your soul are always behind glasses.

Eye of Horus Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx


These liquid metals make the most beautiful eye shadows.  The best way that I have found to apply them is to build up colour on the back of the hand. Then use a flat shader brush to back on the colour and a fluffy brush to blend out the edges.  You don’t have much play time so apply a little at a time and build up the colour.  A great alternative to a cream eye shadow.  If you eyes are hooded, or heading that way as mine eye, the liquid metals when dry don’t transfer to they are a great alternative to powder and some cream shadows.

Eye of Horus Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx

Highlighter (face)

I am a huge fan of copper tones on the cheeks and the copper shade is the most perfect blush.  The bronze is great highlighter.  Work quickly and use your fingers.  Both colours work especially well with cream foundation formulas as they meld with the skin and just look beautiful.

Highlighter (eye)

Thanks to the thin brush you can really get into the corner of the eye or under the eyebrow and blend this product out.  The deeper your skin tone the more flattering these shades will be in the inner corner and because it is a liner formula they stay all day.

Eye of Horus Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx

A multi purpose beauty product is always a bonus and the Eye of Horus Liquid Metals have proven to be more versatile than I thought they would be.

Eye of Horus Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx

Liquid Metals are available from the Eye of Horus website and authorised stockists,  They retail for £16.50


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