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Forest Secrets

This is vegan and BUAV approved as well as being  paraben, silicone, PEG, petrochemical, hydrogenated ingredients, synthetic fragrance and colours, GMO free lotion AND it is made with fair trade ingredients.  Impressive.

PatentPurpleLife Forest Secrets

Unfortunately, this cream is not rich enough for me to use on the body.  It is an organic aloe vera leaf base  with glycerine which  surprised me as in  my opinion it is quite thin, like a milk rather than a lotion.   This lotion also contains sunflower seed oil and cocoa butter  but not in sufficient quantities to keep my body moisturised for the whole day.  Interestingly though it has sodium hyaluronate (hyaluranic acid) so continued use may improve the skin’s hydration.

PatentPurpleLife Forest Secrets 2

The gorgeous floral with a hint of sweet honeysuckle fragrance is congruent with the soft pink colour of the lotion, making it quite a girly product despite the functional packaging.  Despite this product not being a winner for me,  (I have very dry skin on my body so it is not unusual for me not to get on with the bodycare element of a brand) –  I am intrigued by this brand.  Partly because of the founder – Dr Barbara Olioso a Doctor of Chemistry and is considered an expert in the natural and organic cosmetics arena.  She started her range to provide natural skincare ‘without compromise’ – a sentiment that I agree with.  In addition, she has lovely skin!


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