Gatineau Serenite Toner

Gatineau Serenite Toner

I have been trying to up my toner game recently, but these ‘toner plus’ products cannot be safely wiped over the eyes or the mouth.  When I am cleansing my face, I go over my eyes and my mouth (if it has been a red lipstick week)  thoroughly, usually because I have been wearing make up but mainly because they are a part of my face and they need to be cleansed too.  As a result of using a cleanser, to me, I need to go over with a toner too,  but toner plus products generally  cannot be used over the eyes, so I find that I need to have a second toner on the go that can be used over the eyes.  Clearly if I am going to be using a product over my eyes, it needs to be alcohol free.

At the moment, Gatineau’s Serenite Toner is my second tier toner.  I have tried a few  Gatineau products before and didn’t really get on with them but this is the first of their toners that I have used.  The toner is pink which is of note as usually toners are colourless.  The smell is floral, slightly soapy a bit like a Philosophy fragrance it has a shelf life of twenty four months which is great as I am not using much of it each day. Based on my experience with this product, I would be inclined to try one of their toners again. I  bought this product specifically to use on the eyes so I  bought from the sensitive range –  even though I have combination skin as I  dont want to  irritate the eyes and mouth before putting lovely products onto them.  I have not experienced any irritation with this toner.  It does not leave the skin taut and generally I am using less product around my eyes after use. I have used it all over my face when between super toners and it was good a leaving the skin hydrated.


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