Brand Alert: Algenist Reveal Makeup

Algenist Reveal primer and colour colrrecting drops

Algenist is my go to brand for firming skincare products.  They are now developing their makeup range and I am watching with interest.  Algenist is know for the use of Alguronic acid in their products and this ingredient is found in the makeup products that I have tried.   The Algenist Reveal Makeup proucts that I have tried, strictly speaking are not makeup but they are not skincare either.  They are somewhere in between.

Algenist Reveal Makeup primer and colour colrrecting drops

Colour Correct Radiant Primer

I am slowly being converted to the benefits of  primers and the Algenist Colour Correct Radiant Primer is part of the reason why. When you squeeze it out of the tube it is a white cream with lumps in it. Those gold lumps are the particles that give the radiance. As you work it into the skin the white cream turns into champagne gold tone, even on my rich skin tone. Not in a disco ball way but there was a definite glow. It does not colour correct on me, but it does help to minimise the appearance of pores.

Algenist Reveal makeup CC Primer

Algenist Colour Corrector Drops

Colour correction is everywhere.  Another pro make up artist technique that has become a consumer trend.  There are four shades available in the Algenist Reveal Makeup range.  Green lavender pink and apricot which all contain alguronic acid and the microalgae oil. They can be added to skincare like a moisturiser or a primer or make up to correct whatever ever issue the colour deals with. I have the apricot shade which deals with discolouration and neutralises darkness.

The tone is much too light for me. I really hope that Algenist come out with a deeper version of this product as I think that it works well. I have to mix it with other colour correctors in my arsenal to get a neutralising effect on my hyper-pigmentation.  I also mix it with my foundation to provide a lighter tone to apply in the centre of my face or to neutralise a foundation with a very red undertone.

Algenist Reveal Makeup Colour Correcting Drops Apricot

This technique works but i really NEED Algenist to come out with a deeper tone. I like the dropper mechanism, but the white base means that it just is not rich enough for me. I met brand representatives at an event and they are working on extending their shade range of foundations.  Hopefully they will also deepen the colour corrector too.  Despite the apricot shade not working for me, it is worth playing with them in store to see if the green, pink or lavender shades work for you.

Algenist Reveal Makeup Colour Correcting Drops Apricot

If Algenist can get their products  for deeper skin tones right, I’m  excited for future products in the Algenist Reveal Makeup range.  Makeup with firming skincare properties is exactly what I need!

Algenist Reveal products are available from QVC prices start from £25


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