#newlaunch: DHC Beauty Lift range

DHC have launched a new skincare range.  Beauty Lift focuses firming the skin so I was keen to give this range my attention.  I have a strange relationship with east Asian beauty trends.  I LOVE a multi step skincare regime.  I abhor the whitening obsession. I feel pretty neutral about the more gimmicky things like peel off make up and egg white masks.  Love it or hate it the impact of east Asian skincare on your beauty regime is significant and here to stay.

DHC Beauty Lift

To be clear, DHC is Japanese not Korean and I enjoy several products from the range.  The Cleansing Oil is good and the liquid liner is amazing.  The east Asian friends that I have, like me are going to age via sagging so I was interested to see how DHC tackles firming and lifting.

Beauty Lift Lotion (£34.00).

DHC Beauty Lift Lotion

Used at the toner stage it has the lightest texture but like all my favourite toners has a serum texture.  This leaves the skin beautifully hydrated so you can follow with lots of other products without overload the skin. At 34.00 is is not cheap, but if you think that toners leave you dry or that you are a big fan of toners this is a beautifully luxurious option.

Beauty Lift Essence £35.00).

DHC Beauty Lift Essence

Generally in East Asian makeup an essence is a step between a  toner and a serum but in this range, the essence is the serum.  Slightly thicker in texture then the Lotion it shares the scent and light texture.  I did not see a real change to the skin when I used this so for me it was interchangeable with the Lotion.

Beauty Lift Milk (£34.00).

DHC Beauty Lift Milk

 A light moisturiser.  So light that I needed to apply it twice.  If you have a very oily skin this might be perfect but I found that it just did not give my skin the level of nourishment that I am accustomed to.  My favourite way to use this is under a mud mask for a light layer of hydration.

Beauty Lift Cream (£41.00).

DHC Beauty Lift Cream

Recommended for evenings but used it day and night.  I found it worked well over any toner whether from the range .  I didn’t get a big lifting effect from this product – ie my skin did not feel taught, but, it is super hydrating and it lasted all day without leaving me greasy which with my combination skin is sometimes an  impossibility

I really enjoyed using this range and you will too if you like to layer your skincare.  The Lotion and the Milk will slot into any skincare routine easily.  They tackle dehydration without being greasy or heavy and are a great base for makeup.

DHC Beauty Lift Swatches

Beauty Lift is available from John Bell and Croyden, Selfridges and other authorised stockists.

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