Tom Ford Lips and Boys Parts 1 and 2 (Purple Edit)

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alasdhair, Liam, Theo, Jay

When Tom Ford Lips and Boys was first released it was a beauty phenomena.  Hyped to the rafters and oh so worth it.  Tom Ford released fifty new lip shades in mini Tom Ford lippies that aficionados wanted to collect and people who  were new to the brand used as an entry point onto the brand.  The naysayers still said that it was way too expensive but I got Liam and Alasdhair and I was/am very happy.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alasdhair, Liam, Theo, Jay

At the time they were colours that were not part of the permanent range.  When Tom Ford does a limited edition, it really is limited.  Luckily Liam is permanent now but Alasdhair is in lipstick heaven. Last year  Lips and Boys Part 2 was launched.  Twenty five of the fifty shades were new, twenty five from the previous year.  I jumped on the year two band wagon much later than year one.   After going to counter several times, I settled on Theo and Jay.

Lips and Boys Part 1

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alasdhair, Liam,

Alasdhair (10) – The Sheer Purple

From the bullet I assumed that this would be opaque but in reality the coverage is quite sheer. I have to apply a couple of layers over my bottom lip a few times to even out the colour with my top lip. It is a deep purple tone with shimmer. I like it, but it isn’t my favourite.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys (24)

Liam (45) – The Perfect Purple

Every time I apply this colour I fall in love with it again.  It is the opaque in one swipe, a lighter tone than I would normally pick but it is perfect every day, wearing purple but not making a statement.  This really should be part of the full sized  collection (IMHO).  It is so perfect I have a back up.

Lips and Boys Part 2

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Theo, Jay

Theo (74) – The Pinky Purple

Theo is at the pink end of the purple spectrum with an iridescent and micro shimmer finish.  It is not the most opaque shade but it is pretty.  I like to wear it over a deep lip liner like Nightmoth from MAC to create a customised and more purple tone.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Theo, Jay

Jay (75) – The Slow Burner.

Jay is the shade that I ummed and ahhed about.  I just wasn’t sure.  Like Theo it has an iridescent finish with micro shimmer but is is more of a berry tone.  Jay is the one that that has been living in my makeup bag as I wear it the most.  I wear it over whatever lip liner is in my bag on the day.  Liam is still my favourite but Jay is definitely the runner up.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alasdhair, Liam, Theo, Jay WoC Swatch

There will be a third iteration of Tom Ford Lips and Boys launching later this year.  I hope that it is a mixture of cream and metallic shades this time (the new shades 2016 15 were purely metallics).  Tom is going to have to provide a pretty special purple shade this year for me to indulge, but me might be time for me to investigate some nude shades.


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