Five Affordable Fragrance Gifts For The Men In Your Life.

Fab Five Fragrances for Men -

Whilst I truly believe that fragrance is neither masculine or feminine and that you should wear whatever fragrance you like, not everyone shares my sentiment. If the man in your life wants a fragrance that has been marketed for men and you don’t want to step into the niche fragrance world here are my top picks to help your man smell delicious without breaking the bank.


Affordable is of course relative and so I’ve provided the retailers recommended price for the largest size.  You can go smaller and at this time of year it is worth looking for gift sets but these are all scents which men will enjoy and you will enjoy smelling both on them and on yourself.  Whether the man in your life is your dad, your partner, your brother or a work colleague, whether you have just met them or have known them for life, there is something for everyone.


Fab Five Fragrances for Men - Jaguar Pace


*Jaguar Pace Accelerate 100ml EDT £44.00 (woody-citrus) – for the petrol head

Launched in 2017 it is a flanker to Jaguar Pace from the car company so whether you man has a Jag, wants a Jag or just wants to smell like a man who has a Jag this is a great option for the petrol head in your life.  Pace Accelearate is the most ‘cologne’ like of the selection.  The juniper berry, coriander and white pepper are remenischent of classic splash colognes and on the skin the vetiver comes through after about hours to give depth but keep the aromotic cool vibe.  It stays quite close to the skin so this is definitely an all occasion all ages scent.  You can pick it up from M&S while you are getting your crimbo jumper or from QVC

Fab Five Fragrances for Men - Dunhill Icon

*Dunhill  – Icon (aromatic spicy) 100ml EDP £84 – for the dapper dandy

Launched in 2015, Icon was created by the nose who created some amazing fragrances including Calvin Klein Contradiction.  Dunhill is a fashion brand and quite a traditional English brand so not necessarily for man who shops at Burton (nothing wrong with Burton) but I feel like this is for someone who is more dapper and who is either familiar with the brand or for whom clothes are important. This is good all year round, had great longevity and starts aromatic with the lavender, black pepper and begamot, is softened by the neroli befoe it heads into the woody base. Great clean without smelling like laundry fragrance and good longevity and sillage.Pick it up in John Lewis while you are picking up a fragrance for yourself.

Fab Five Fragrances for Men - Calvin Kelin Obsessed for Men

*Calvin Klein Obsessed for men 125ml for £57  (spicy-amber) for the sporty

If the man in your life spends alot of time at the gym and has a minimalist grooming regime, he will love Obsessed.  The modern iteration  of Calvin Kein’s 90’s release Obsession, Obsessed is a warm musky fragrance with a hint of spice that runs along side.  The grapefruit with it’s slightly bitter tinge makes a change from the bergamot and lemon that are often used in men’s fragrance.  Obsessed is a  contemporary fragrance that due to it’s subtly should be sprayed liberally   This is also a great fragrance to share despite this iteration being marketed to men (it’s totally unisex) and the 125ml bottle means you get enough to share. Picking it up for the man in your life is a great way to rack up some points on your Boots Advantage card.

Fab Five Fragrances for Men - Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havanne

Mugler A*Men Pure Havane 100ml for £48 (tobacco–booze) for the sexy (in your opinion)

Pure Havanne is sexy fragrance so personally this is a scent that I would only buy for the Mr.  The other men in my life would need to buy it for themselves or get their significant others to buy in.  In fact I love this fragrance on me as well.  The Angel Men series is popular with both men and women and there is a DNA about this range that men recognise and love.  Pure Havanne is a tobacco (theoretically cigar) scent that does not leave you smelling like an ashtray.  Blended with the honey, cacoa and vanilla, you get a bold sweet opening and a creamy gourmand dry down.  It is a great Autumn/Winter scent and will definitely get the wearer alot of attention because it projects well on the skin and it is very long lasting.

Fab Five Fragrances for Men - Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo

Salvatore Ferragamo  Uomo EDT  100ml for £68 (sweet-spicy) for the confident extrovert

For an eau de toilette Uomo behaves like an eau de parfum.  This juice lasts on the skin for 12 hours.  Another bold opening this fragrance is known for having a tiramisu note.  I dont get the coffee, on me it is a creamy chocolate with lots of spice and and the ambroxan and tonka add sweetness and warmth.  This fragrance has sillage and projection so you need the man in your life to be confident wearing this as he will be noticed and appreciated.  This is not the most popular men’s fragrance in the department store but for a fragrance lover, they will be immediately addicted.

Fab Five Fragrances for Men -

Final Thoughts

Men can often be difficult to buy for.  If  your men like to smell good there are lots of options on the market for them.  It is not always helpful to ask them which notes they like, rather think about what kinds of  fragrances they already have in their collection and what kind of emotion or persona you want to conjour up.  If they dont like the fragrance, do try it on yourself.  You would be surprised at the number of fragrances that are marketed for me, that smell delicious on women!



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