Batting My Lashes: Bourjois Full Volume Lashes

Bourjois Lashes

False eyelashes are a great way to amp up a make up look.  For me they are not an everyday addition to my make up but for high days and holidays they are fab.

Bourjois Full Volume Lashes

False eyelashes are readily available these day and may cosmetic houses have ranges.  These Bourjois Full Volume Lashes have been cut beautifully to accentuate the out corner of the eye with both longer and denser lashes.

Bourjois Lashes

The lash glue supplied is very similar to the Illamasqua lash glue, iridescent white in the bottle which dries clear  easy to apply and provided secure hold. Although these lashes are long I found that I was still able to wear my glasses with them.  The band is not to stiff or to thick and can be reapplied without looking heavy or messy.

Bourjois Lashes (2) Bourjois Lashes

These lashes require a dramatic look like my glittery smoky eye.  I had to trim them slightly before wearing but they are not as long an unwieldy as other lashes I have worn.  A good starter lash.


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