BeautyBio Science: Upper Hand, Brightening Hand Crepe Correctors

Beauty Bioscience Upper Hand

My hands are probably the most used part of my body… apart from my feet.  I guess it was inevitable that the sheet mask craze, that we have seen move to eye patches and now hand patches.  I was gifted a box of the BeautyBio Science Upper Hand Correctors through a CEW event. Some products from this brand are sold on QVC , at Cult Beauty and on Amazon.  The Upper Hand masks are my first encounter with the BeautyBio Science so keep reading to find out my thoughts.

The Brand

BeautyBio Science market themselves an american ‘Dr’ brand.  The science behind their beauty and formula help to tell the story of the brand and the products.  The father and daughter team behind the brand worked on formulations for other brands before starting BeautyBio Science – their own line.  The American website has a wider range of products and it would appear that microneedling and a retinol system is a significant part of their offer.

The Not So Good

The patches have a felt backing with the serum immersed in a hydrogel.  This provides the mask with a good amount of stability when removing it from the packet and placing it on the back of the hand. The petal shape means that you can place it on the hand – wrist at a place that works for you.  The gel patches are not dripping with serum.  If you have any experience of sheet masks you will be familiar with the simultaneous joy an pain of finding additional serum in the packet that you remove the mask from.  The joy of knowing that there is more product to slather onto your skin and the pain of negotiating how to remove the mask without getting said serum over yourself and or your bathroom floor.

Hands are known to be one of the first parts of the body to show the signs of ageing.  The petals do not cover the whole hand and therefore I would have loved to have surplus serum to slather over the part of my hands that the petals did not reach.  It is a definite missed opportunity.

The Bad

The price – this product was gifted to me but after a search on the internet ( at the time of writing this product was not available on QVCUK ) The cheapest I found it for (excluding ebay) was  £41.  In my honest opinion, they are too expensive for that they are.  You get eight treatments which means that each treatment is five pounds. I still think that is too expensive.  There are over a thousand product reviews on this blog and a large amount of those reviews are for high end and luxury cosmetics.   I love  luxury products, but they need to have be effective on the skin, have lovely experiential benefits and or beautiful packaging.  Upper Hand has none of these.

The instructions – why oh why do the instructions fail to tell you how long to keep the patches on the back of your hands?

Positioning – once you find a good spot for them , do not move them as they do not re-adhere to the skin.  It is irritating, especially if you are planning to … oh… I do not know, doing social media, typing or drinking a glass of water while they are on the back of your hand.

The Beneficial

I do not have dark spots on my hands but crepey-ness, yes.  My hands do not look like they did 20 years ago and I am definitely in the market for products that support the improvement of the tone of my skin.  The Beauty Bioscience hand masks failed in that regard. Did the patches at a minimum leave my hand super hydrated? Nope.  Would I recommend them?  Absolutely not.  Take this as a public service announcement – invest in a decent hand cream and leave this product on the shelf.

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