Wayne Goss: The Eye Set

Wayne Goss is a professional makeup artist and beauty ‘guru’ from YouTube. After years of talking a about makeup and tools on the internet he decided to launch his own brush brand in 2013. Wayne’s original eye brushes had squirrel bristles. I received the 05 and 06 from the older set as part of my Beautylish Lucky bags. The new Wayne Goss eye brush set launched in 2017 and I’m not really sure why I waited to long to try them. 2019 seems to be the year of fude brushes and I love eyeshadow so can I really ever have too many eyeshadow brushes?

Wayne Goss Brush 16 Large Eyeshadow Crease Brush

The largest brush of the set it is the brush I use to blow out the crease or lay down a wash of colour. I don’t have large eyes and I thought that this brush was going to be too large for me but I use it a lot.

Wayne Goss Brush 17 Eyeshadow Crease Brush

This brush is great for cream eyeshadow base. It is undyed goat hair so it can be used with liquid, cream and powder products. The is slightly smaller than the 16 so it does not take the product up too high. With the tapered shape means that you can get into all the nooks and crannies on the eye. It is also robust enough to deal with my heavy hood.

Wayne Goss Brush 18 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

The odd one out in the set, this is similar to the MAC 217. It has a pinched ferrule which means it can lay down colour and blend as well. Softer than the MAC brushes in my collection as it has a finer goat bristle. The 18 is my most used brush from the Wayne Goss set and similar (slightly larger) than the eyeshadow brush in the Beautylish x Chikuhodo brush set. It is not as soft as the Wayne Goss 06 which has squirrel bristles and it has bloomed more.

Wayne Goss Brush 19 Eyeshadow Precision Blending Brush

The second smallest brush in the range and the one that I tend to pick up if the other brushes are dirty. I don’t really have a specific use for it but it can substitute for brushes 17 and 20 as required.

Wayne Goss Brush 20 Eyeshadow Smudging Brush

The smallest crease brush in the set. The name of the brush suggests (to me) that it can be used on the lower lashline.  It is too big for my eyes and leaves my final eye look being out of balance. It is also too small for the heaviest part of my lid  – the outer corner where I have an extra flap of skin. I tend to use it for the inner third of an eye look or for a blown out wing. The more hooded my eyes get, the harder it is for me to do a sharp cat eye but a blown out one works well.

Final Thoughts

I am really enjoying my fude brush journey which was why I plumped for this set. I have hooded eyes so the crease brush shape (tapered bristles and a round ferrule) suits me really well. The brushes are undyed saikoho goat hair. They  are soft and apply product beautifully.  There are several reviews online that bemoan the fact that the brush shape is the same in four out of five brushes. I would agree that for a set of five brushes it is a bit problematic. Even with my hooded lids I need brush shape variety.  I use different textures of eyeshadows day to day. For this reason, different brush shapes prove helpful. These are good brushes, but having started my natural bristle brush journey with Louise Young brushes I need more variety in my tools.

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