Nocturnal Nirvana: A Pat McGrath, Blitz Astral Quad

Pat McGrath Nocturnal Nirvana

Holiday season in the makeup world pretty much starts from September.  Last month mother Pat released  the Midnight Sun palette.  This was after a summer of complexion perfection with her Skin Fetish system. was released following the Skin Perfection Summer.  Now, in the month of October with the countdown to Christmas well and truly started Mother Pat launched three Blitz Astral Quads.  I only purchased one – the best one in my opinion, Nocturnal Nirvana.

Pat McGrath Nocturnal Nirvana

The Packaging

Yaaaaas! Finally.  Mother Pat has moved way from the cardboard packaging of six pan palettes.  Open up the outer pale blue cardboard packaging which is adorned with crystallised bows and the Nocturnal Nirvana quad is housed in a petite version of the ten pan palate packaging. The compact black lacquer gorgeousness  blows the packaging of other luxe quads like Charlotte Tilbury and Dolce and Gabanna out of the water. Even my Tom Ford palettes which I love and i think are chic, are looking a little less than bougie next to my Nocturnal Nirvana Quad.

Pat McGrath Nocturnal Nirvana

The Shadows

This launch is the one that many people have been waiting for as it is a quad that consists of only special shades.  There are three colours, Iconic Illumination has a bronze burgandy gold theme. Perfect for those who love a neutral palette.  Ritualistic Rose  is full of shades with pink undertone but of course I went for Nocturnal Nirvana.

Incandescent Gold 003 – this is the colour of 22 carat gold, the gold that i have seen on older Caribbean and south Asian family members.  the texture is super smooth in the pan and vibrant on the lid. It is one of my favourite gold shades from Pat to wear all over the lid with a darker shade to  deepen the outer v.

Blitz Aqua Marine – the aqua marine stone, depending on it’s origin is light blue with a hint of green. it has a sheer blue base with blue green reflex. Over a black base the green is heightened and over a blue base more blue.  a cream base also makes the shade completely opaque.  I prefer it that way.

VR Emerald –  It’s a Mother Pat duo-chrome.  The shift is from a plum shade that is similar to divine mink to the bright emerald green

Blitz Purple – Perfect purple. Deep, intense, shimmery and opaque

Pat McGrath Nocturnal Nirvana

Final Thoughts

Can I get a witness? Can I get a hell yeah?  What about an Amen?  This palette is perfect. Yes, even with the gold shade it is perfect.  All the shades pop on my skin tone and last all day with or without an eye primer.  I love all of my Mother Pat palettes but Nocturnal Nirvana is extra special.  The packaging and the shades for me are a winning combination. I am glad I did not pick up the other colourways.  They are undeniably pretty but the truth is, that I will get the most use out of this one.

If you have this quad, let me know how much you love it.


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