Pat McGrath: Midnight Sun Mothership VI

Yes, it’s another Pat McGrath Mothership palette review. This month, Midnight Sun. The sixth iteration of her ten pan palette format, but is it the best?

Some Context

Mother Pat’s previous palette Bronze Seduction was a massive success. Trend forecasters will tell you that the warm toned palettes peak has passed. Clearly not true. People clamoured for Bronze Seduction and delared it was Mother Pat’s best palette yet. It is always difficult to come back with something new after a super successful palette. The example that springs to mind is Urban Decay’s Naked palette volume two was never as popular as the original Naked palette. So I was interested to see what Mother Pat would come with.


Midnight Sun is among other things inspired by the Midnight Sun – a natural phenomenon that is experienced in countries like Iceland and Greenland during the summer months. Having looked at some images of the midnight sun produced in this region it gave me an understanding and inspiration that in all honesty, just looking at the palette without that context did not. Clearly that says more about me than mother Pat as she is an artist and ten billion times more creative than I am.

The Shades

Skinshow Moon Glow – shimmery peachy beige

Bronze Eclipse – metallic warm bronze

Vermillion Venom – matte reddened brown

Blood Moon 005 – (special shade) metallic copper with a strong orange undertone

Jubilee – metallic yellow gold

Xtreme Dusk – matte deep grey/black

Taboo – matte medium brown

Wicked Envy – metallic olive green

Blitz Violet Orchid – iridescent blue violet

Astral Solstice  – glittery champagne gold

Final Thoughts

The quality is consistent with the other Mothership palettes. The colour scheme is beautiful. The three matte shades create a beautiful cohesive eye look in themselves.  As always the different textures enrich to the colour story.  Midnight Sun is one of the palettes that I reach to add an extra touch of something to my eye looks. Astral Solstice for added sparkle, Wicked Envy and Bronze Eclipse as one and done all over lid shades it works in a variety of circumstances. If you have looked at this palette and thought better of it, do look again.

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