Pat McGrath Divine Rose MothershipVII Palette

So, I managed to get my hands on the Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership palette.  The launch was a bit of a debacle.  The palette has divided opinion and as I write this  Divine Rose is not available on the Pat McGrath website or in Sephora in North America.  Marketing ploy or cock up? Keep reading and let me know what you decide.

The Story So Far

About a week ago, I  was on You Tube (as you do) browsing Kinky Sweat’s channel and I noticed on her Community page was an post about the Pat McGrath Divine Rose palette. It was a Selfridges exclusive and  only available on the Selfridges App.  What? I went to the app  but it was sold out. Went to the website sold out.  Called customer services (they are 24 hours, 7 days a week) and they confirmed that it was sold out. I spent a few days stalking social media and found out somewhere (can’t remember where) that it was available in store.  Perfect, I work near central London so I took myself to Selfridges yesterday lunch time and picked it up.

In the meanwhile, American consumers are up in arms. Why isn’t the palette available there? How dare Mother Pat do this to them etc etc.  Whilst I appreciate the disappointment, as a UK consumer, I am kinda laughing behind my hand.  Pat McGrath is from Northampton, England.  Pat McGrath Labs is her brand.  Why can’t she launch a UK exclusive palette? The reality is that she can do what ever she like with her brand. Lots of brands have geographical exclusives. It happens in East Asia all the time.  There are lots of things that I would love to get from Sephora USA, but I can’t because GDPR means that I can’t order from the site any more. Even when I could order from the site there were always items that I could not order. The people I more feel sorry for are the rest of the UK who cannot easily get to a Selfridges store.  I do not believe for a second that Pat will not sell Divine Rose in the States eventually, which in reality will be shortly.  So let us have our moment with the palette.

The Palette

Add to the bruhaha, that Divine Rose is labelled as Mothership VI at Selfridges.  As we know Midnight Sun is Mothership VI so Divine Rose is actually Mothership VII. On the actual palette however there is no number.  The outer packaging is one of my favourite from all of the Mothership palettes. Beautiful pink roses in full  bloom adorned with diamonds with a face made up in a glossy pink lip and a golden eyelid.

On The Skin

  • Skinshow Nude (repeated from Subliminal palette) – light warm beige shimmer
  • Velouria – matte medium toned mauve
  • Sable Bronze – shimmery bronze
  • Refined Gold 002 – metallic yellow gold
  • Irridescent Pink 003 (repeated from the highlighter trio) – duochrome pink
  • Extreme Mahogany – matte dark brown with a warm undertone
  • Love Lace- warm metallic taupe
  • Rose Dusk (repeated from the Sublime palette) – dark plum with a pearl finish 
  • VR Rose Venus – deep metallic peach
  • Astral Solstice (repeat from the Midnight Sun palette)  – beige pressed glitter 

Final Thoughts

The ten shades are rose based.  There are four repeated shades (I only count it as three repeated shades since I don’t own the highlighter palette).  Some consider this to be a ‘boring’ palette. I have also seen it described as a bridal palette.  Truth is, it does not have an array of  intense colours as the other palettes have.  Despite my love of coloured eyeshadows and the fact that I wear bright colourful looks to my boring office job … I like this palette.  It is not my favourite palette cos, it has not purple  and I’ve only had it a couple of days so I really can’t compare it with the palettes that I have had for longer.  I will say this however.  The quality is there, the selection of shades is cohesive and wearability is not an insult in my world. I would much rather this palette than the Charlotte Tilbury Exxagger-eyes palette.

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